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Furyondian Royal Genealogy

 Date unknown, probably 1997/98:

This is my Furyondian Royal Genealogy. It is based on Patrice Fomo's (posted last year), and altered following Gary Holian's suggestions. If you can find any inconsistencies or mistakes, you win a no-prize.

Royal Chronology of Furyondian Kingship

244-284 Stinvri (takes the name of Thrommel I in 254 CY)

Note: the "Kingdom ofFuryondy" begins in the year 254 CY, when it is formally affected and declared as a realm unique and sovereign. Formerly, it had been a subject state under the Malachite Throne of the Aerdy, with the name being "Viceroyalty of Ferrond." In 254, the name of the realm is changed, and the King (Stinvri) likewise changes his name, taking the ancestral name of a great and ancient Oerid warrior: Thrommel.

284-299 Belvor I

299-333 Avras I

333-365 Avras II

The Long Regency

>From 365-380 CY, no king ruled in Furyondy. This period is called the "Long Regency" by historians, and during this time the crown, orb and scepter were held in guardianship by two successive stewards of the throne:

365-378 Pares

378-380 Solentan

The Resumption

380-403 Hugh I

403-439 Hugh II

Note: Hugh I came to the throne by a complicated affair of marriage and genealogical manipulation. It has been debated ever since whether or not the process was properly conducted, or not.

The Vacancy

439-440 Kathryn

The Second Resumption

440-468 Hugh III

468-483 Avras III

483-526 Belvor II (took the name of Thrommel II)

526-537 Belvor III (died in his sleep -- HS took credit for it)

The Second Regency

537-542 The Paladin Marshall rules as Lord Protector

The Third Resumption

542- Belvor IV (takes his rightful crown at 18 years old)

Note: Avras IV, Belvor's son, was born in 550 CY, and was, as a child, betrothed to Jolene of Veluna (he was given the name of Thrommel III in 562 CY). In 569 CY, Prince Thrommel distinguished himself in the Battle of Emridy Meadows and in the Battle of the Temple of Elemental Evil, and he quickly rose in the ranks of the Knights of the Hart, and had many titles and honors conferred upon him in Furyondy and Veluna. In 573 CY, he disappeared.

Gary R. Welsh

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