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Demoness Estes

From: Roland Lamoureux <roland@CYBERBEACH.NET>

To: ""

Date: Mon, Aug 24, 1998 12:51 AM

Subject: [GREYTALK] The Demoness Estes

Oh yes could not forget to forward this well known Demoness of Greyhawk as well, enjoy ....

>Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 17:33:39 -0400

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>From: Roland Lamoureux <>

>Subject: Re: [PLANESCAPE] - another new Abyssal Lord

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> Here you Go folks another new, evil Tanar'ri (Demoness) Lord


>ESTES " the vile rose of the Abyss"




>Organization: Ruler of "Aenagade realm of the Abyss"

>Activity Cycle:Any





>Armor Class:-7

>Movement: 12

>Hit Dice:58 HP:356


># of Att: 2

>Special Att:Spells / summon Tanar'ri(demons)

>Special Def:lmmunities of Tanar'ri

>Magic Resistance:73%

>Size: 12' tall

>Morale: Fearless(19)

> XP Value: 86 000

>att Dam:see below

>spec Def:see below


> Estes ressembles a Horrid 12' tall mass of Bones and Flesh, covered in Black tendrils oozing in Black fluids that reek of rotten fish. Hence the title "vile rose of the Abyss" She is extremely old, having seen many of the anciant Powers when they were but young powers. She at one time had discovered a mystical well deep within the reaches of Pandomonium.


>This mystical well was a lost relic of the upper planes, hidden away by the Dark forces of Pre-creation whom had stolen it during the nether war of the anciant days. This well was the key to the stability of a host of prime worlds, its very waters were the stream of consciousness of the life therein. Realising the chance of corruption Estes absorbed this piece of Pandomonium holding the mystical well to her Abyssal realm Aenagade. Once within her grasp she slowly started to pollute the waters of the well with her vile nature.


> Within Decades the primes conected to the well began to degenerate from destrucion brought on by the Unstability of the well. For every 1000 sentient beings destroyed by her corruption a vile rose of horrid stench would bloom in Aenagade. Her Abyssal realm soom came into full bloom in the coming decades, until the mystical well of the upper planes she was corrupting had no longer any water left. At that moment all of the primes connected to the mystical well faded into oblivion.

> However the Upper Powers had felt this Great erasure of life, and traced the vampiric Tanar'ri Estes whom had been the vile creature whom had drained the life they created so long ago. Outraged the upper Powers united and banished the Abyssal Lord Estes to Carceri Forevermore. Or so they thought, because Beea'ytch has recently freed her with the help of the Abyssal lord Queen Lilith. When she was relased however she was outraged that her personal tomes were stolen by the Abyssal "Demon" Lord Pelor her former lover.


> Combat:


> When Estes must fight she merely lets her vile nature do most of the dammage. Because those whom simply look upon her vile form , must save vs death magic or suffer permenant brain dammage -1d4 int and -1d4 wis per turn, unless a save is made at which point only -1 int and wis is temporarily lost for 6 rnds. Her other ill effect comes from her stench that acts like a stinking cloud but imposes a -4 penalty to save, and has double effects. Otherwise she must fight using a swirling attack of her tendril doing 1d12+6 dammage. She can also attempt to gate in at 65% (1d6 DrudgeFiends) or 45% (1d4 Murkfiends) three times per day.


> Followers and Ressources:

> She is the uncontested Planar Ruler of Aenagade a Abyssal realm, that is still covered in fast fields of horrid stinking roses in full bloom . However she had to rout out some minor forces whom had taken pieces of her realm as their own. She had easily taken back her realm with the help of Beea'ytch and the power of The Tanar'ri Lord Queen Lilith. In return she must help Beea'tch in her scheeme to destroy Oerth and help Queen Lilith find the Abyssal Lord Pelor. Her symbol is that of a disgusting mockery of a Rose in full bloom. She is the left handed aid to the Tanar'ri Lord Queen Lilith and as such is in charge of the exterior armies of the Abyssal Empire of Queen Lilith.


>Plots and Goals:

>Estes plans on recovering the Tomes of Estes that The Demon Lord Pelor has stolen from her. She has learned that the Abyssal Lord Pelor is using the contents of the tomes as part of his religeous dogma for Oerth for his church of Pelor there. Outraged at her former lover the Abyssal Lord Pelor she has been sending many forces across the planes to try and locate his hidden realm within the Gray Waste. She is also very busy re-building her realm to her design, and together with Queen Lilith have begun the invasion plans for the realms of Grazz'zt and Panzuriel.She is alas always on edge worried the upper powers of the planes will seek her out once again for imprisonement, thus she relies heavily upon the strength of the Abyssal Empire of the Tanar'ri Queen Lilith.


>Well this is my take on the Abyssal Lady Estes "the vile rose of the Abyss"


> "Proxy Scion Herald of the Demon Lord Pelor"


>soon to come: a new Fiend race of the Gray waste "The Torezudo Fiends"




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