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Saint Cuthbert for Runequest/Greyhawk

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Date: Tue, Aug 18, 1998 7:55 PM

Subject: [GREYTALK] DMD - St. Cuthbert for RQ/Greyhawk

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Thanx go out to Gary Gygax for letting us play in his world, Len Lakofka for sharing what he knows, and to Samuel Weiss, Nathan Irving, Rip Van Wormer, Will McPhereson, and a host of others on the lists for letting me nick their ideas from time to time.

(Now back to out regularly scheduled non-canon writeups)


Runes: Law, Intellect, Truth

St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel is the god of Wisdom, Common Sense, Dedication, and Zeal.

Cult in the World

St. Cuthbert is part of a trinity of three ascended mortals who followed Rao in life, yet took separate paths emulating their Lord. 

Cuthbert trod the Path of Reason, and along the way he gained the Rune of Truth, as well, making him the most successful of the three Sainted Ones, as well as the most martially inclined. 

Cuthbert's faith is a strict one, nearly as strict as the cult of Pholtus. Those who refuse to see Reason or Truth can expect to have it pounded into them, until they "see the error of their ways".

Cuthbert's High Holy Day is the 29th of Goodmonth, his mortal birthday, as well as his Day of Ascension. Lesser services are held each Godsday, as well. St. Cuthbert's places of worship run from small shrines in rural settings to rough chapels in more civilized lands. Temples (where they exist) are generally constructed of white marble or limestone, and contain shrines to Carmichael, Trowbane, and Rao.

Priests of St. Cuthbert generally wear a vareity of garb, depending on their status and position in the church.

Lay Membership

Requirements: Lay members of Cuthbert's faith generally sport a lot of lumps. Doctrine is very important to this cult, and failure to get things right the first time often results in correction with a wooden billet.

Skills taught by the cult include Dodge, Debate, Orate, Speak

Languages, First Aid, Human Lore, Read/Write Languages, World Lore, Listen, Scan, Ceremony, Mace attack/parry, and Doctrinal Discipline.

Initiate Membership

Requirements: In addition to the standard requirements, the candidate must possess a Doctrinal skill of at least 50%, and must succeed in 3 out of 5 rolls against that skill. Known as Billets, they dress in simple brown and russet garments, carry a stout bronzewood billet, and serve their communities as ministers and protectors of the faithful.

Spirit Magic: Admonish, Banish Spirit, Bludgeon, Mind Delve*, Protection

* - only available to Stars (priests).

Acolyte Membership

Requirements: Applicants to the order of the Chapeaux must, in addition to the standard requirements, possess a Doctrinal skill of 75%.

The Chapeaux are charged with seeking converts to the faith, and with watching the Billets beneath them for backsliding. Their garments vary, but they all wear crumpled hats as a symbol of their order.

Rune Lord Membership

Requirements: as per priests, below.

St. Cuthbert's crusaders are known by a variety of names, but they are officially known as the Correctors. They are charged with carrying the message of their Lord to those who have rebuffed all other messengers. They are trained to meet violence against their faith with violence, but refrain from engaging in mayhem for mayhem's sake.

Correctors have no particular garb, though they favor heavy armor and weild maces in combat. The forces of luz are a particularly hated foe.


Requirements: In addition to the standard requirements, candidate priests must possess a 90% skill in Doctrinal Discipline, as well as vows of charity and celibacy.

Priests of St. Cuthbert are known as Stars, and wear dark green robes adorned with the Holy Starburst of their order. Their ultimate goal is to insure doctrinal purity among their flocks, a task they are aided in by their use of the Mind Delve spell.

Virtues for Cuthbert include: Energetic, Honest, Loyal and Stubborn.

Common Divine Magic: all

Special Divine Magic: Command Worshippers, Detect Truth, Turn Undead.

Associated Gods

St. Carmichael: provides Courage

St. Trowbane: provides Awaken

Rao: provides Shield - I *am* one of the Chosen Few!

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