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More Falcon's Bazaar [Dragon Annual #3] disclaimers

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Haile and Fair Greetings All,

After a brief discussion with Cariel Mansharn yesterday evening, there seems to be a few more items in need of clarification from the Pale Falcon Traders. The Falcons apologize for any inconvenience and trust all wares to date have performed as expected.

Soft Winter and Sweet Flowers,


Another Falcon Errata

>About specific items, I feel the damage for the angon (2-20 vs. larger than man-sized if serrated) is excessive.

Of course, only the forked-blade angon can do double damage --and that's double the damage of a "standard" angon (2d6/2d8+2). Standard damage is 1d6/1d8+1 (see DRAGON Ann3, p. 97).

>Do I understand the Dwarven Stone Scroll right? Is the information on the dowel itself, with the rings serving as a combination lock to get it out?


->DWARVEN STONE SCROLL - These are cool, but as they are they are properly MAGICAL ITEMS; Sorry, I just don't buy the 'no magic short of a wish can reassemble a shattered scroll' unless it is a magical item. I'll have both magical and non-magical versions of these scrolls.

No. The info is on the discs, both along its edges and both faces. The dowel is inserted through a hole in each disc. The dowel is flanged and the holes are not necessarily in the center. If the discs are not properly aligned, when the dowel is removed, it shatters the discs.

The holes aren't necessarily very large, since the dwurfolk stress and prepare the discs to be shattered under these circumstances. Also, what it's supposed to say is that the regular ones just shatter, while the ones with miniature flame strikes can't be reassembled without a wish. Those versions *are* magical.

>ANGON - I don't see this as a barbarian weapon, but otherwise it is OK.

The spear is a very barbarian weapon, of course. Aside from that, it was the Ratikans who actually crafted the angon, which was captured and reporduced by the Frost and other barbarians. When Ratik and the Frutzii joined forces, the angon became that much more common.

By doing it this way, the angon can be "newly" introduced into a Thillonrian campaign. Otherwise, they're combat trophies. The folk of the former-Aerdi coast only know them as barbarian weapons, since they have little conflict/contact with Ratikans by comparison. Hence, how they became so associated, along with those barabarians who travailed the Corusks-Griffs to trade in the Bandit Lands.

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