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Stump the Greyhawk Team, round 3

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« Other RPGA material includes: The entire "Rats" series and the "Star Legacy" series are also placed clearly in Greyhawk. These modules include maps of the city of Littleberg, an ancient city of the magi, an obelisk, the Tower of the Seer, Zamure the arch mage, the Citidel of Power, parts of Greyhawk city, a close up of Veluna and many maps of lairs beneth the Hellfurnace Mountains; a place called the Caverns of Fire and Death, and another called Zurith's lair, including: Valanous the Anti-Paladin, a Duegar lair, Blackscale the Dragon,and a mitheral mine, and deep beneth the hellfurnaces is a Staff of the Magi. Other choice Greyhawk info includes: the preperations for an impending war between Veluna, Highfolk, and Furyondy against the Horned Society (This dates the modules), maps of a pass through the Lortmils, information on the Knights of the Hart,and a Rhennee barge.

Most of this was written between 83' and 85' and was part of a series of RPGA/TSR sanctioned tournaments. It meets all of the requirements to be considered canon.

Should it be considered Greyhawk? the answer ... yes really.

Will it be? the answer. .. nope.


These Rats/Star tourny's were written primarily by Kevin Melka and Keith Polster. Although players playing these tournaments were given RPGA points, the tourny's were run separately from the "official" RPGA tournaments. Only during the last few years was the RPGA ever really involved with the Star tournaments. Before then, Kevin and Keith wrote the tournaments, provided the judges, etc.

As far as I remember the RPGA only contribution was "marshalling" the tournaments and providing room assignments. Although I have copies of many of the tournaments, they are very farcical and would probably not be popular to many as "canon".

So if one were interested in examining some of them how would we go about getting a copy? »

The RPGA would have copies to some of them. Others would be only available from Kevin or Keith (although at least one tournament, I think I have the original maps, so I'm not sure they would have copies of those.)

If both Kevin and Keith tell me its alright, I could probably provided copies. But without their permission, its a non-starter as both are long-term friends.


Greyhawk Modules


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« Does anyone know which modules (new and old) are set in the World of Greyhawk? »

The locations of all adventures set in the World of Greyhawk are provided in the complete reference list below. This "unofficial" list contains only those modules which are stated to have been set in Greyhawk, which means a Greyhawk location must be given for the adventure within the module.

Dungeon Magazine Greyhawk adventures, Greyhawk campaign sourcebooks, and Greyhawk novels are listed farther down. The list is current as of August 1998.

A 1, Slave Pits of the Undercity, 1980, is in High port, Pomarj at hex A4-101

A2, Secret of the Slaver Stockade, 1981, is just south of Highport at hex A4-102

A3, Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords, 1981, is in the Drachensgrabs at hex A4-104.

A4, Dungeon of the Slave Lords, 1981, is in the Drachensgrabs at hex A4-104.

81, In Search of the Unknown, 1979, optionally in the Barony of Ratik, Theocracy of the Pale, or Duchy of Tenh.

C1, The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, 1980, is set in ruins at hex A4-137.

C2, The Ghost Tower of Inverness, 1980, is located on the foothills of the Abbor Alz at hex A4-92.

D1-2, Descent Into the Depths, 1981, below the Hellfurnaces at hex M5-138.

D3, Vault of the Drow, 1978, below hex N5-138 in the Hellfurnaces.

G1, Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, 1978, is in the'Jotens at hex P5-129.

G2, The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl, 1978, is in the Crystalmists at hex S5-134.

G3, Hall of the Fire Giant King, 1978, are in the Hellfurnaces at hex M5-138.

Q1, Queen of the Demonweb Pits, 1980, is set in an abyssal layer found under hex N5-138.

EX1, Dungeonland, 1983, is set in hex D4-86 in a bizarre demiplane.

EX2, The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror, 1983, is set in hex D4-86 in a bizarre demiplane.

11, Dwellers of the Forbidden City, 1981, is set within Hepmonaland at hex Y-109.

L 1, The Secret of Bone Hill, 1981, is set in the human Lendore Isle in hex 8-78.

L2, The Assassin's Knot, 1983, is set in the human Lendore Isle in hex B-78.

N1, Against the Cult of the Reptile God, 1982, is based in the village of Orlane at hex K5-113, while the tunnel complex is at hex H5-112.

R1, To the Aid of Faix, 1982, takes place on the island Aquaria, east of Oerik.

R2, The Investigation of Hydell, 1982, takes place on the island Aquaria, east of Oerik.

R3, The Egg of the Phoenix, 1982, takes place on the island Aquaria, east of Oerik.

R4, Doc's Island, 1983, takes place on the island Aquaria, east of Oerik.

S1, Tomb of Horrors, 1978, is set within the Vast Swamp at hex K2-97.

S2, White Plume Mountain, 1979, is set near the Rift Canyon in hex T3-70.

S3, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, 1980, is in those mountains at hex A6-119.

S4, The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, 1982, is found on the borderland of Ket and Perrenland at hex E5-88.

I ,JR6, Greyspace, 1992, details the celestial bodies within Oerth's planetary system.

T1, The Village of Hommlet, 1979, take place in Hommlet and Nulb, and are found in hex N4-96

T1-4, The Temple of Elemental Evil, 1985, can be found at hex N4-95.

U1, The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, 1981, at the western edge of hex U4-123, about one mile off the southern coast of Fairwind Isle.

U2, Danger at Dunwater, 1982, a lizard man lair in hex V4-124.

U3, The Final Enemy, 1983, a sahaugin lair in hex W4-125.

UK1, Beyond the Crystal Cave, 1983, takes place on the island Syrabate (hex 04-124).

UK2, The Sentinel, 1983, is set in the Hold of the Sea Princes (hexes E5-137 & F5-138).

UK3, The Gauntlet, 1984, is set in the Hold of the Sea Princes, (hexes E5-137 & E5-138).

WG4, The Forgotten Temple ofTharizdun, 1982, which is close by the Tsojcanth caverns at hex F5-88.

WG5, Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure, 1984, is set within the dungeons of Maure Castle at hex X3-86.

WG6, Isle of the Ape, 1985, is set in a demiplane accessed via Tenser's castle at hex Z3-83.

WG7, Castle Greyhawk, 1988, a joke module set in the same hex as Greyhawk city (D4-86).

WG8, Fate of lstus, 1989, is a campaign book that covers Rookroost (hex N3-58), Rel Mord (B3-75), Jurnre (R4-112), Elredd (101-F4), Wintershiven (Y2-53), Leukish (R3-80), Rauxes (Y-68), Chendl (Q4-83), Verbobonc (04-95), and Hesuel llshar (unknown).

WG9, Gargoyle, 1989, is set in the Tors and is based at the town of Rockburgh at hex F5-131.

WG10, Child's Play, 1989, a competition module set in a tiny, nonexistent state.

WG11, Puppets, 1989, involves travel from Narwell in the Wild Coast (hex 14-94) to Dyvers (hex H4-89).

WG12, Vale of the Mage, 1990, is set in the whole land of that name.

WGA1, Falcon's Revenge, 1990, is based in Greyhawk city (hex D4-86).

WGA2, Falcon master, 1990, is based in Greyhawk city (hex D4-86).

WGA3, Flames of the Falcon, 1990, is based in Greyhawk city (hex D4-86).

WGA4, Vecna Lives!, 1990, involves Verbobonc, Greyhawk city, and Tovag Baragu.

WGM 1, Border Watch, 1993, takes place in various locations throughout Furyondy, Shield Lands, Horned Society, and possibly luz.

WGQ1, Patriots of Ulek, 1992, begins in the Principality of Ulek in Havenhill at hex K4-111.

WGR1, Greyhawk Ruins, 1990, is the real Greyhawk Castle (hex D486).

WGR2, Treasures of Greyhawk, 1992, is a series of 14 adventures which take place in Greyhawk city, Cairn Hills, Scant (Onnwal), Jetsam Island, Amedio Jungle, Crystal mists, and the southern shore of Nyr Dyv lake.

WGR3, Rary the Traitor, 1992, is an accesorry concerning Greyhawk city and the Bright Desert.

WGR4, The Marklands, 1993, is an accessory covering Furyondy and Nyrond.

WGR5, luz the Evil, 1993, is an accessory that details areas of luz, Horned Lands, Shield Lands, Bandit Lands, Fellreev Forest, Northern Barrens, and the Land of Tenh.

WGR6, The City of Skulls, 1993, takes place initially in Chendl, Furyondy then switches to Dorakaa, Iuz.

WGS1, Five Shall Be One, 1991, begins at Rookroost (hex N3-58).

WGS2, Howl from the North, 1991, can begin in Rookroost (hex N3-58), or within the Griffs at hex A3-43.

1162, Return to the Tomb of Horrors, 1998, begins in Kalstrand (hex L2-84), on to Pitchfield (hex L2-90), the Vast Swamp (hex K2-97), and a demi-plane within the negative energy plane.

9576, Return of the Eight, 1998, takes place in Greyhawk city (hex D4-86) and Tenser's Castle (hex Z3-83).

DUNGEON MAGAZINE Greyhawk adventures

Compiled primarily by (Jay Hafner)

6, House of Brothers, Loftwick in Yeomanry at hex M5-127

10, The Shrine of llsidahur, in the Amedio Jungle at R4-139

13, Ruins of Nol-Daer, in the Suss Forest at hex J4-104

15, Elephant's Graveyard, in Hepmonaland

19, By the Wayside, in the Dreadwood Forest & Hool Marshes at hex B5-127

22, The Leopard Man, in Hepmonatand

30, Ghazal, in the Abbor Alz at hex W3-91

32, Ghost Dance, in the Shield Lands/Rovers

34, Rogue, in Hepmonaland

36, The Sea of Sorrows, in Greyspace

41, Hopeful Dawn, in Veluna City at Y 4-96

42, lzek's Slumber, in Greyhawk city at D4-86

51, Journey to the Center of the World, in Hepmonaland

53, A Serenade Before Supper, near Verbobonc at hex S4-97

56, The Land of the Men With Tails, in Hepmonaland

70, Kingdom of the Ghouls, in the Crystalmists and Hellfurnaces

#50, Shadis magazine, "The House on Summoner Court"; in Greyhawk city

Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebooks

1975, Greyhawk: Supplement I

1980, World of Greyhawk Gazetteer (folio), #9025

1983, World of Greyhawk (campaign box), #1015

1988, Greyhawk Adventures (hardcover), #2023

1989, The City of Greyhawk (campaign box), #1043

1990, MC5: Greyhawk, Monstrous Compendium, #2197

1991, GreyhawkW'A'R'S (war game, box), #1068

1992, Greyhawk: From the Ashes (campaign box), #1064

1998, Player's Guide to Greyhawk (accessory), #9578

1998, Greyhawk: The Adventure Begins (accessory), #9577

Greyhawk Novels

1, Saga of Old City, 1985; #8240

2, Artifact of Evil, 1986; #8241

3, Master Wolf, 1987; #8242

4, The Price of Power, 1987; #8243

5, The Demon Hand, 1988; #8248

6, The Name of the Game, 1988; #8249

The Eyes Have It, 1989; #8207

Nightwatch, 1990; #8213

Endless Quest 4 (new series), Siege of the Tower, 1994; #8094

Endless Quest 10 (new series), Bigby's Curse, 1995; #8099

1987, New lnfinities ....... Sea of Death

1987, New lnfinities ....... City of Hawks

1987, New lnfinities ....... Night Arrant

1988, New lnfinities ....... Come Endless Darkness

1988, New lnfinities ...... :Dance of Demons

1979, Daw Books, .. Quag Keep

Randy Richards, President

World of Greyhawk Fan Club


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