Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Miro the Paladin-King

 Date unknown, probably 1997/98:

Prince Avras demise made me think of another strange occurrence in the past of central Flanaess: The history of the Paladin King Myro. (cfVecna lives!)

Myro was the son of Thrommel VII, like any royal heir he was lawful good and he was to become a powerful Paladin, but Myro was not happy to become the King ofFuryondy just because he was the son of his father, he wanted to prove his own abilities, he secretly left Furyondy at the age of seventeen and he totally disappeared for many years until he proclaimed himself« Paladin King » of one of the Bandit Kingdoms.

Then an « unnamed agent of an evil power bestowed him the Hand of Vecna » - Quite mysterious no ! - When you want to get rid of someone there are more direct ways than giving him an evil artifact, except if that person cannot be easily killed ...

The artifact slowly overcame the Prince's innate resistance to alignment change and Myro turned to evil.

An evil heir to Furyondy ! - What if Thrommel VII dies and Myro proclaims himself Thrommel VIII. Fortunately, the alignment change made him forget his origins and his insanity was just aimed at conquering more bandit kingdoms and menacing the borders of the Shield Lands and Nyrond.

When Thrommel VII died, and because of the« Holy Pact», no heir could replace Myra. This is the time of the first vacancy, the Regency was bestowed on the High Priest of Heironeous who selected a « temporary » king : Belvor I - Belvor was later nicknamed the« Mortal King», many think that's because he died less than two years after being crowned but those who know have a better understanding of what « Mortal » can mean.

After Belvor I, came his son Belvor II. Belvor II has been one of the greatest king of Furyondy even if he was not endowed with « divine » power. Meanwhile, Myra still lived increasing his strength and gathering his troops to attack either the Shield Lands or Nyrond.

Belvor II reached an agreement with those two countries and a joint force attacked the bandit kingdom and defeated Myra.

Pierre Couture

akaBelvor X


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