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Furyondy and the number 7

 Suj : FURYONDY 7 7 7

Date : 08/01/97 17:54:40

From: dtz@EASYNET .FR (Pierre Couture)

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Holy days are over it's time to work again.

As many of you have guessed I consider that Heironeous has a special relationship with Furyondy.

No doubt that the cult ofHeironeous is the only cult to have a temple inside the palace walls in Chendl. King Belvor and many high commanders are worshippers of Heironeous.

I consider that the number of Heironeous is 7.

- He resides in seven Heavens

- He is represented surrounded by seven stars (Bolts)

There are seven "Duchy/Domains" in Furyondy with the king ruling them all ( quite loosely)

And more interesting there are seven noble family in Veluna too.

That's the reason why I consider that Veluna was "created" to be a lesser Furyondy (Veluna is roughly 1/3 ofFuryondy) for the lesser branches of the furyondian noble families. Veluna's secession was an amiable secession.

Pierre Couture

aka Belvor X

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