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Zodal for Runequest/Greyhawk

 From: Tal Meta <talmeta@BELLATLANTIC.NET>


Date: Sun, Aug 23, 1998 10:01 PM

Subject: [GREYTALK] DMD - Zodal for RQ/Greyhawk


Runes: Harmonyx2, Truth

Zodal is the god of Mercy, Hope, and Benevolence.

Cult in the World

Son of Rao, Zodal of the White Hand is the ultimate pacifist of the Flannae pantheon. Zodal stands firmly behind the other members of the Bright side of the pantheon, offering his healing aid the others in their struggles, though he prefers not to become directly embroiled in them.

Zodal's High Holy Day is the 25th of Planting, with services held every Godsday. Services to Zodal are held in churches and temples that double as hospitals in time of need.

Zodal's faithful wear white trimmed in yellow, red, or entwined red and gold.

Lay Membership

Requirements: Zodal's cult appeals to everyone with an interest in healing, hope, or good works. Lay members are expected to assist the priests in their good works, distributing food to the poor, blankets to the cold, or giving shelter to travellers in need.

Skills taught by the cult include Dodge, Swim, Sing, Animal Lore, Craft (various), First Aid, Human Lore, Plant Lore, World Lore, Devise, Listen, and Ceremony.

Initiate Membership

Requirements: In addition to the standard requirements, potential initiates are expected to take on vows of charity, chastity, and modesty. Initiates are encouraged to travel, so that they may put the skils and magic they are taught to the best use over the broadest area.

Spirit Magic: Befuddle, Ease Pain, Heal, Hibernation, Sustain, Transfer Wound, Vigor.

Acolyte Membership

Requirements: as per Priests.


Requirements: In addition to the standard requirements, potential priests of Zodal must take a vow of vegetarianism, as well as total pacifism. They may not harm another living creature, even for food.

Virtues for Zodal include: Altruistic, Calm, Spiritual, and Temperate.

Common Divine Magic: all

Special Divine Magic: Absorption, Banish Spirit, Bless Birth, Forget, Heal Body, Intervention, Regrow Limb, Restore (all except POW),

Ressurect, Shield, Turn Undead

Associated Gods

Beary: provides Earthpower

Pelor: provides Call Shanasse - I *am* one of the Chosen Few!

ICQ - 12594453

AIM - talmeta1

TANJ Lives! - <http://members.be11atlantic.neU~talmeta/>


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