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Odd Alley

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I'll give it a try. From the opening of "The Weird Occurrence in Odd Alley:"

"Odd Alley, an area within Greyhawk's Old City, was so difficult to locate that most citizens fo the metropolis were unaware of its existence ... "

(Night Arrant, p. 50)

"It had taken [Gord and Chert] hours of searching, walking through the twists and turns of the mazelike lanes and alleys of Old City ...

"They probably would never have located the area save for the fact that they happened to end up in just the right location as the last rays of the setting sun illuminated the close and the passage leading from it."

I reckon you could place it wherever you want, as long as its hard to find and in Old City. If you already have some of the places below detailed it would be somewhere in amongst them, with no apparent way in. Might as well get the party good and lost, then spring it on 'em. I reckon that would be just as faithful to Gary's prose as anything. ;)

Some places you may like to use once the party finds themselves there:

" ... There is the junk store run by that miserly half-elf Scriggin, the used clothing shop, Freedle's Librarium, the potter's booth, the Sunken Grotto Tavern, the money changer's stall, Green Wulfurt's apothecary, the crazy limner's place, Zreed's Antiquary ... " (Night Arrant, p. 56).

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