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Demoness Low Reine BEEA'YtCH"

From: Roland Lamoureux <roland@CYBERBEACH.NET>

To: ""

Date: Mon, Aug 24, 1998 12:45 AM

Subject: [GREYTALK] <DMD>Demoness "BEEA'YTCH"

Greetings folks here is a something I made for the PS list, that I thought some might find it usefull for the Greyhawk game so I decided to forward it to Greytalk. (hee hee)

>Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 12:28:12 -0400

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>From: Roland Lamoureux <>

>Subject: another new Abyssal Lord

> Here you Go folks another new, evil Tanar'ri (Demoness) Lord


> The Low Reine BEEA'YTCH



>Frequency: Unique

>Organization:Planar Ruler

>Activity Cycle:Any





>Armor Class:-7

>Movement: 12

>Hit Dice:58 HP:356


>#of Att: 4

>Special Att:Spells / summon Tanar'ri(demons)

>Special Def:lmmunities of Tanar'ri

>Magic Resistance:70%

>Size: 8' tall

>Morale: Fearless(19)

>XP Value: 68 000

>att Dam:see below


> Beea'ytch is a cruel Demoness of the Abyss, she is the Low Reine of vengeance and spite. She is a despotrix of utlimate domination whom seeks utter control and obediance from those below her. She is also a close ally to Queen Lilith, whom with she has forged a pact of some sort. Unlike Queen Lilith however Beea'ytch is unconcerned with the Abyss her greatest hatred is for the Prime of Oerth. It is within that prime she has undying hatred for. She advocates not the domination and rule of Oerth but instead it's total destruction by her own contemptuous hands.




> The Low Reine Beea'ytch is a massive Pigheaded Goristrolike Female with yellow teeth and a body covered in blisters and oozing sores. When she has to deal with combat she usally employs her bare hands or gaze. When she uses her hands. Beea'ytch can attack 4 times per round.


> She can also deliver a mighty curse that provoks a rot that will end up destroying whatever she had touched in a matter of days (1 d6) if the victim fails versus poison at a -4, otherwise the only dammage done is 1 d4+6 per hand. However this attack can be cured by a remove curse spell, except if you are a native of Oerth in which case only a wish will undue the curse.


> Her other method of attack is a gaze attack that will destroy the person's will to live if the save vs death magic fails, otherwise no other ill effects take place. The affected person will be unable to do any action except sit and sulk until a remove curse is cast, except if a native of Oerth in which case only a wish can undue the effects. The only other method she can attack is by spells, of which she can cast spells as a 18th level Death mage. She can also gate in 70% (1d8 noble Lamias) and 30% (1d6 spirit nagas) both three times per day.


>Followers and Resources:

> Although she has a Abyssal realm of her own she has given all if not total control to the Tanar'ri Queen Lilith. In return for such a service Low Reine Beea'ytch was given access to a permenant passing Gate to Oerth. With such she has used it many times to wreak havoc and destruction upon that prime. She will c;1lways have with her 6 darts of paladin slaying. Often Low Reine will seek out evil folks whom have the most destructive intentions and send them to Oerth. Her symbol is that of a rotting green Dragon. She has also freed from Carceri another ally amongst the Tanar'ri Lords. A banished Tanar'ri Abyssal Lord called Estes Rose of the Abyss whom was imprisoned for a very evil crime against reality. Beea'ytch Low Reine accomplished this task with the help of the Tanar'ri Abyssal Lord Queen Lilith, whom used secret knowledge stolen from some high up to do so. So this Trinity of Feminin Tanar'ri are United in Quest of Unknown design but the Multiverse listens and waits for their firt bold move upon the Planes.


>Plots and Goals:

> Now that Beea'ytch Low Reine has freed The Tanar'ri "Demoness" Estes, she plans on using her and the Abyssal Lord Queen Lilith to create a Doom device for Oerth. She is sending many of her servants to the outer reaches of the Planes, gathering components and rare items needed to fabricate this Grinder of Doom for Oerth. She also has a high level Cultist in Sigil looking for a meeting with the Factol leader of the Doomguard, so a pact of somesort could be made. Together with her allies They plan on harnessing the energy that will be released from the destruction of Oerth.



>Well this is my take on the Abyssal Beea'ytch, Flames?



> "Proxy Scion Herald of the Demon Lord Pelor"


>soon to come: the Abyssal Lord Estes" The vile rose of the Abyss!"


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