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Furyondy Kings

 De: Richard Diioia <ricdii@Y AHOO.COM>


Objet: [GREYTALK] Furyondy kings

Date : mardi 11 janvier 2000 19:51

I thought some of you may be interested in the lineage of Furyondy kings. Certain dates used are my own creation as canon sources are very vague.

Thrommel I (viceroy Stinvri) p22 of 1983 guide: From 254 (canon) to 282 (non-canon)

Hugh I: 283 (canon) to 310 (non-canon)

Hugh II: 311 (non-canon) to 347 (non-canon)

Belvor I: 348 (non-canon) to 372 (non-canon)

The lost kings: 373 (non-canon) to 469 (canon)

Belvor II (aka Avras III) (many references): 470 (canon) to 512 (canon)

Hugh III (p19 of 1983 guide): 512 (non-canon) to 525 (non-canon). It is known he ruled a few decades after 483 (p19 of 1983 guide)

Thrommel II (p21 of 1983 guide): 526 (canon) to 530 (non-canon)

Belvor III: 531 (non-canon) to 536 (non-canon)

Lord Throsten (regent for Belvor IV): 537 (canon) to 542 (canon)

Belvor IV (many references): 542 (canon) to present

A little explanation here. The lost kings are names of kings that don't appear anywhere. Where I could I used names of later kings and reduced the number after their names (i.e. if there was a Belvor IV there must have been a I, II, III). As for Belvor II/ Avras III this is a confusion from two different canon sources that each say one of these individuals ruled during those dates.

To try to make sense ofthis I propose the following. During the era of the lost kings, the rulership of the land was a political free-for-all. As Belvor I died without a heir, but many bastard sons, the kingship was given to whoever had the most political backing at the time. After almost a decade of this in-fighting one poweful ruler Avras III took over the kingship. To signify an end to the feuding he changed his name to Belvor II and claimed that the lineage started over with him.

Because of the century of feuding though, the powers of the Furyondy kings was diluted and the seven noble families were able to gain a lot of power. It has taken another century for the Furyondy kings to regain a semblance of the power they used to have and even now they do not hold absolute power (as per the Marklands ).

Let me know what you think.

Richard Di Ioia

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