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NAME : Gunthar duGascoigne, Baron of Hommlet

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rescued and married to Jolena (more on that in a moment). These two PCs have been very active politically, and count Thrommel and Gladwell Solan (of Castle Hart, IMC he's a duke, and an on-the-edge member of the Royal Family) as their confidantes.

Gunthar, as you can see, is actually Baron of Hommlet, which was annexed by Furyondy during the Greyhawk Wars. A largish area of the Kron Hills has been declared the Barony (though most of the gnomes there ignore the proclamation, most of the local humans welcome it, seeing it as a measure of protection from the increasingly aggressive Welkwood & Gnarley Forest humanoids).

Players Name : Paul Sweeney
Player email : N/A
(Characters developed using Complete fighters & Complete Paladins handbooks)

NAME : Gunthar duGascoigne, Baron of Hommlet
RACE : Human
SEX : Male
AGE : 32
CLASS : Paladin
XP's : 227 768
HP : 69
AC : -1 (plate mail +3, shield & dex adj.)
THAC0: Base 13 (with “Shadowbane” 6)(+5 magic bonus, +1 str, +1 spec)

Ability Scores
18/27 Strength
15 Dexterity
17 Constitution
12 Intelligence
14 Wisdom
17 Charisma
11 Comeliness

Weapon Proriciency: Blades, heavy lance, light crossbow, horse mace, claymore (2-handed) sword (spec.)

Non-Weapon Proriciency: Horse riding, etiquette, heraldry, swimming, law

Armor : Plate mail +3
Weapons : “Shadowbane” +5 Purifier (Pal. Handbook; turns undead at Pal.'s level, +2 vs undead, +2 to saves regarding undead)
Misc :

Armor : see above
Weapons : sword (see above), dagger, light crossbow, heavy lance
Misc :

Special Skills: All Paladin abilities
Languages: Common (literate), Velondi (illiterate)

Description: Tall & heavily built, with short cropped hair. Wears a beard. Always has Pelor's symbol somewhere on his person.
Height: 6'3”
Weight: 220 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Other: Gunthar carries himself tall and regally, with a spring in his step when happy. When tired, or saddened, he will often unconsciously cover his lower face with a hand, or collar, or whatever is around. Nothing overt, mind you, just a left-over from his experiences (see below).

PERSONALITY: Gunthar is a true paladin of Pelor. He is dedicated to bringing light, strength and healing to the people of Hommlet, and has made a name for himself as a wise & just lord. He brings light in the form of truth, attempting to teach his people the ways of Pelor and the Church of Veluna and dispelling superstitions and fears. He brings strength by protecting them from harm. During the Greyhawk Wars, when Hommlet fell under the attack of humanoids from the Gnarley, and evil humans from Nulb banded together to attack, Gunthar led the defence of the village when Rufus was killed by an assassin. Healing is brought by the priests of Pelor Gunthar has encouraged with his building of a chapel and monastery as part of Hommlet Keep.
He is dedicated, too, to protecting Furyondy from harm, and this has recently led him into a dilemma which is currently unresolved. Gunthar is easy-going and cheerful, enjoying the company of Kings and Commoners equally, and able to mingle with both without appearing out-of-place. He is devoted to helping those in need, and a good part of his fortune has gone to the Church of Pelor in Greyhawk to buy food and shelter for refugees from the wars.

HISTORY: Hailing from Verbobonc, originally, Gunthar was blooded in battle in his teens as a banner bearer for a Knight of the Hart during the Battle of Emridy Meadows. From here he entered the order of Pelor's Faithful Sword, or the “Fidellian Knights” as they are more commonly known...a small fighting order of the Church of Veluna. He traveled to Hommlet some years ago, where he met Urath, a young magician from Greyhawk whose master had been killed by bandits in the ruined moathouse north of Hommlet. The two of them teamed up with others and followed the course of the ToEE module, and following that, the Scourge of the Slave Lords module. After rescuing Thrommel, they traveled to Mitrik for the pledging of Thrommel & Jolena. Here, Gunthar swore allegiance to Thrommel, and received a boon from Archcleric Hazen. You see, Gunthar has been hideously scarred by smallpox as a child (original comeliness was 4), but as a reward for rescuing his future son-in-law, Hazen used his clerical abilities to heal the scars, returning Gunthar to normal.
The Greyhawk Wars came in between the modules, during which time they served in the south, fighting for the survival of the good human settlements on the frontier of the Gnarley Forest. As a precaution against further incursions from the south (and also so that Thrommel, as king, would have at least one noble in the south who supported him), Gunthar was made Baron of Hommlet at the end of the war.
Currently, Gunthar is in a quandry. Jolena, it seems, is unable to bear children. Thrommel refuses to take a concubine, as he loves Jolena. Now not many people know this yet, but if it gets out that the future king will not have an heir, all hell will break loose. The southern nobles, already twitchy at the high taxes they've been paying to pay for the war which hardly touched them, would use it as an excuse to push for another to take the throne. The northern nobles, loyal to Belvor and Thrommel, would resist this.
In other words, should this become known, it could precipitate a civil war in Furyondy/Veluna.
Gunthar is unsure of what to do; he is loyal to Thrommel, but he knows that supporting Thrommel as king could well lead to a split kingdom, ripe for Iuz to sweep in and conquer. But he can't bear the thought of betraying his friend and liege...
(God I'm nasty to PCs, aren't I? )

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