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Re: Baklunish Religion: Evris e'Selant ("The True Faith")

Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2000 17:57:37 EST
From: "Rip Van Wormer"
Subject: Re: Baklunish Religion: Evris e'Selant ("The True Faith")

I was writing a version of Ekbir of my own, and I started consulting other sources, and I finally had something to say about this one:

In a message dated 1/20/00 9:22:20 AM Eastern Standard Time, AshtarX@AOL.COM

> "Obey the gods not begrudgingly. Instead, offer your obedience to the gods,
> for it is given to the gods to be the great, and to mortal men to be the lesser, yet neither part is fulfilled without its compliment."
> -The Tau Lhan, recorded by the prophetess Rhiavel.

This is very nice and authentic-feeling. I wouldn't be too concerned about what they might do in the RPGA book, especially since you included Al-Akbar as part of Evris e'Selant.

One thing: you might change the name to Evrus al-Selant, to make it seem a little more consistant with other Baklunish words (or else you could change the names of the gods to Istis and e'Akbar, or create and stick to two different spelling structures in the Baklunish lands). Similarly, I would write either Zan Yae and Zuoken or Xan Yae and Xuoken, depending on the area, and either Zan Yae and Geshtae or Zan Yai and Geshtai.

The idea of a new, post-Devestation faith suggests a new kind of script might spread with it. Maybe in the old Baklunish Empire the writing was more similar to Greek (with Greek-sounding gods like Istos and Zan Yai), while we get the pseudo-Arabic script shown on Baklunish heraldry today.

The Gargoyle (Allen Trussell) invented a god that I think would fit in well as a lesser divinity of Evris e'Selant.
Uhuris, Lesser God of Toil, Sufferance, and Perseverance, L/N(E)

And two others that would fit in sufficiently:
Varuna, Lesser God of Cosmic Order, Balance, and Dharma, L/N
Xux, Intermediate God of Death, the Night, the Moon, and Judgement, L/N

Of course, Xux should be occasionally spelled Zuz.

A face of the embryonic refusal,
Rip Van Wormer

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