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Forbidden Lore

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Hello fellow Greyhawkers,

While this is not Greyhawk specific, I noticed a few comments of late that some members do not have access to some 1st edition books. As a service I will reproduce some of the "Ancient Lore" that I discovered in my research concerning Arch-Devils, The Dukes and Hell and their organization. I was prompted to look for Baalzephon's rank in the old pecking order by the recent discussion and thought I would pass along some of my findings.

(Note: all information was gathered using 1st edi. MM, MM2, Manual of the Planes)

There are 8 Arch-Devils and one Chromatic Dragon that rule the nine planes of Hell, they are as follows:

Planes of Hell Ruler
-------------- -----
1st - Avernus Tiamat
2nd - Dis Dispater
3rd - Minauros Mammon
4th - Phlegethos Belial
5th - Stygia Geyron
6th - Malbolge Moloch/Baalzebul
7th - Maladomini Baalzebul
8th - Caina Mephistopheles
9th - Nessus Asmodeus

Note: Moloch rules the 6th Plane of Hell for his liege Baalzebul and is given the alternate classification as a Grand Duke, Viceroy of Hell, thus not quite a true arch-devil.

In addition there are the Dukes of Hell, the "trusted" servants of the Arch-Fiends. The MM2 describes them as about equal in power to a weaker arch-devil, although some are but little stronger than a pit fiend, or are, in fact, actual pit fiends.

Please note that our favorite Duke, Baalzephon, is the PRIME Minister of Hell. Kind of funny how that is, considering his involvement in the prime material plane of Oerth. Anyway, I hope someone can use this to further define the heirarchy of the Lower Planes.

Name In the Service Of Command or Position
---------- --------------------- --------------------
Abigor Baalzebul 60 companies of horned devils
Andonides Mephistopheles Steward
Adramelech Asmodeus Chancellor
Agares Geyron 31 companies of bone devils
Alastor Asmodeus Executioner
Alocer Dispater 36 companies of erinyes
Amduscias Tiamat 29 companies of abishai
Amon Geyron 40 companies of bone devils
Arioch Dispater Avenger
Baalberith Asmodeus Major domo
Baalphegor Mephistopheles Consort
Baalzephon Dispater Prime Minister
Bael Mammon 66 companies of barbed devils
Balan Belial 40 companies of bearded devils
Barbas Mephistopheles Chamberlain
Barbatos Baalzebul Marshal
Bathym Belial 30 companies of barbed devils
Bel Dispater 3 companies of horned devils
Bele Mephistopheles Justiciar
Bensozia Asmodeus, Baalzebul Consort
Bethage Moloch 9 companies of horned devils
Biffant Dispater Provost
Bifrons Mephistopheles 26 companies of ice devils
Bileth Moloch Tribune
Bitru Dispater 70 companies of erinyes
Buer Asmodeus 15 companies of pit fiends
Bune Asmodeus 30 companies of horned devils
Caarcrinolaas Mammon 36 companies of barbed devils
Chamo Belial Legate
Cozbi Geyron Consort
Fecor Geyron 8 companies of horned devils
Focalor Mammon Seneschal
Furcas Dispater 12 companies of bearded devils
Gaziel Belial 11 companies of bone devils
Glasya Mammon Consort; daughter of Asmodeus
Goap Tiamat 3 companies of erinyes
Gorson Geyron, Baalzebul Bailiff
Herobaal Moloch 16 companies of bone devils
Herodias Geyron Magistrate
Hutijin Mephistopheles 2 companies of pit fiends
Lilis Dispater Consort
Lilith Moloch Consort
Machalas Geyron 11 companies of barbed devils
Malphas Tiamat 40 companies of abishai
Martinet Asmodeus Constable
Melchon Mammon 18 companies of erinyes
Merodach Dispater 21 companies of barbed devils
Morax Asmodeus 9 companies of pit fiends
Naome Belial Consort
Neabaz Baalzebul Herald
Nexroth Mephistopheles 16 companies of horned devils
Phongor Asmodeus Inquisitor
Rimmon Asmodeus 5 companies of ice devils
Tartach Moloch Legate
Titvilus Dispater Nuncio
Zaebos Belial Lieutenant
Zagum Asmodeus 30 companies of barbed devils
Zapan Belial 4 companies of horned devils
Zepar Baalzebul 28 companies of horned devils
Zimimar Mammon 6 companies of bone devils

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