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Re: The Artonsamay River

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 15:01:28 -0700
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Fewer Details

I'd say that travel to Stoink is fairly common, given that one of it's suburbs is Ratswharf. [Saga of Old City p. 142- " Ratswharf boasted a rope-walk, tanneries, and
a brisk trade in small spars and timber."] This sort of business doesn't really appear in towns without need for it. I'd also say the river is navigable up to Redspan (since Redspan seems to be built on the river), but not much farther than that by anything but a canoe/kayak. The joining of the Zumker river is probably the limit of upstream travel by boat. Let's not say that thats the limit of trade however. Depending on the time frame of your campaign, the Artonsamay and Cold Run could be alive with Rover canoes, trading goods from the north for the tools of Civilization. Trust me when I say that this would be a very profitable undertaking and I doubt it would be ignored. Of course if your campaign is set in post-wars, then it's unlikely that the Rovers are doing much trading (or anything else for that matter).

I'm tempted to say that Wintershiven is on the Yoll river, but given the fact that its their border with Tenh, the Pale's Xenophobia and the fact that Wintershiven is their capital and holiest city, I doubt the theocrats allow much Pale traffic along this route. Given that it originates in a swamp however, I'd be willing to bet that nearly the entire river is navigable, teeming with Tenha and a trickle of (mostly local) Pale traffic.

FWIW, the river Yoll is probably very broad, perhaps 3 miles across at it's widest point, with an average width of between 1 and 2 miles across. The Artonsamay is probably quite a bit narrower, until it joins the Yoll. I'd guesstimate no more than 1 000 yards pre-Yoll (with about 300-500 yards as the average) with perhaps 5 000 yards after being joined by that mighty tributary, then narrowing down to an average of 2 miles (~3500 yards IIRC).

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On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Patrick Ellis wrote:
> What are the thoughts of the group regarding travel along the Artonsamay?
> Is there regular river travel as far North as Stoink? What about Redspan?
> Any further? What about it's tributary, the Yol River... do boats make it up
> as far as Wintershiven?
> How wide is the River? How Deep?
> Your help is appreciated...
> Taro Sarask
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