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Re: Jay's Updated Godlist

Date: Mon, 08 Nov 99 23:31PM PST
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Subject: Re: [GREYTALK] Jay's Updated Godlist

On 11/8/99 3:03 PM, Eric Hunter (ellor@HOTMAIL.COM) wrote

> For my .02 brass bits, (and knowing my affection for Rexfelis as a *diety* in the first place) I'd say he is
>a quasi-deity. With the following ala Players Guide format:

Here's my take. I have as a demigod, roughly on a par with the Elemental Princes of Evil. He certainly deserves to be treated as a full god, rather than a not-god like the quasi-deities.

The Lord of Cats, The Mastercat

Animal Lord of Cats and Felines [Demigod]

Symbol Cat's eye gemstone
Alignment Neutral
Plane Demi-plane of Felines

Cats and felines of all sorts, including monstrous, thieves (few)
Holy Days
No special holy days, but dark nights are favored
Rexfelis has no priests, this appears to suit both him and his feline brethren
Some human thieves (usually acrobats or second-story men) pay homage to Rexfelis
The Cat Lord's kin are all capable of taking human form
Rexfelis, the Lord of Cats, dwells in a pocket dimension of the Ethereal plane. His domain is filled with cats of all varieties, including cat hybrids (such as the kamadan and the tabaxi). The Cat Lord is served by nine royal houses, representing the major branches of the feline race.
Each member of the royal house has an appointed scion, blessed by Rexfelis with special powers (not the least of which is a ring of nine lives). They are as a whole dedicated followers of neutrality, though betrayal (in hopes of gaining ascendency among the felines) is not unheard of.

All felines and part-felines pay homage to Rexfelis, though the relationship is more one of willing partner than would be expected. He will occasionally act to protect his human followers, though only if it involves no harm to the feline race. In general, Rexfelis avoids interfering in matters on Greyhawk, though he is known to be on good terms with the major powers of Neutrality.

The Gord the Rogue series, Gary Gygax (original source)
Monster Manual II, pp. 22-23

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