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Re: Greyhawk Timeline

From Tue Oct 24 22:27:24 1995
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>Okay, here's the problem.
>Iuz was imprisoned under Castle Greyhawk from 505 - 570.
>The Battle of Emridy Meadows and the fall of the Temple was in 569.
>Yet _The Temple of Elemental Evil_ states that Iuz was free and
>active during the fall of the temple. So, we have a contradiction.
>In _Iuz the Evil_, we find that Iuz only learns of the fall of the
>Temple after his release. This would imply that TOEE is incorrect,
>and that Iuz was still imprisoned when the Temple fell.
>So, for the sake of continuity, you either have to remove Iuz's
>involvement in TOEE, or change the the dates around so that Emridy
>Meadows happens after the release of Iuz.
>Anyways, I was curious whether anyone has come up with any other
>Greg Bernath

This thing is beginning to attain the status of Old Cheastnut, but is still troubling if you are hearing about it/ realizing it for the first time.

Although I don't have it with me now, I beleive what TEE says is that Iuz was active in the *construction* of the Temple, not its fall. Thus, his involvement would have to have occurred several years earlier, making it a more difficult problem to fix than just moving the date of a Battle by one year.

I believe TEE was pretty vague on what Iuz's "involvement" was, however, other than lending aid and conspiring with Zugg. That is, I do not think he was necessarily personally, physically, involved. Thus some (Gary?) have resolved that Iuz's support of the Temple did come while he was imprisoned, just as he was supporting many things - through his minions, with whom he had some kind of contact.

For myself, I have moved the dates of Iuz's appearance, capture, and release back by more than a century. I prefer this, as it also gives time for Iuz to ascend to godhood. There is not enough time for this, in my style campaign, in the official time alloted to Iuz. This solution, unfortunately, results in a very Unoffical chronology.


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