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Re: Axe of the Dwarvish Lords

Date: Thu, 29 Apr 99 13:46PM PDT
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I'll second Samwise's estimation.
I especially love the "full color map book -- way to go Todd, Dennis and Rob!

Appendix 2 contains suggested locations in Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Birthright, Planescape, Mystara, Al-Quadim, and Red Steel for the main adventure settings, the city of Oredeep and the abandoned stronghold of Radruundar.

Quoting the Greyhawk section (hey, somebody was bound to...)

" Within the Flanaess, the area near the city of Haverhill in the Principality of Ulek (or Haverhill itself) will do nicely for the city of Oredeep. In the postwar Flanaess, Haverhill/Oredeep will be an armed camp watching for invasion from the Pomarj, and the goblin army in Chapter 3 will come from the Pomarj.

Radruundar is best located far north of Ulek, somewhere in the Yatil Mountains northwest of Exag. The dwarves of the Flanaess have little interest in reclaiming Radruundar, but like the dwarves of the Realms they regard the Axe as a dwarven heirloom not suitable for nondwarven hands. Members of the Circle of Eight will tend to support the dwarves' claim.

A dwarf player character who chooses to reopen Radruundar will have little trouble attracting dwarven retainers to operate the stronghold; however, the action draws unwanted attention from the derro in addition to all the complications noted in the previous section."

Go ahead Samwise, name those artifacts of Pelor for us.

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> As most know, the Axe was originally a GH item.
> Forytnately the adventure has nothing that firmly places it in any
> campaign,
> and can easily be slipped into GH.
> Beyond that, it is pretty damn good. Actually, I'd say it is
> everything
> Dragon Mountain should have been.
> More when I can.
> Samwise of Pelor
> What about the artifacts of Pelor?

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