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Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 09:23:17 -0000
From: "Dawson Ricky (RD)"
Subject: Thornward

In response to Scott's observations on my write up of Thornward I did originally inform Jeff that the names were a bit 'tongue in cheek' - by all means anyone can change the names of the various shops, but they are just meant to add a little more detail to a city that's never really been looked into before (except for the post war notes by Wayne).

As to the comments about the shrines/chapels, I wrote that 'most of them didn't have resident priests but are just cared for by the parishioners'. I left this intentionally open as in our campaign we don't have our cities inundated with priests/clerics etc. Instead the majority of the populace rely on the local herbalists, wise women etc to cure their ailments (hence why in Thornward I added the notes on olinda's shop). The costs of healing are generally far too expensive for the common folk and are usually reserved for adventurers and members of the higher echelons of society.

However since my last write up on Thornward the PC's have spent some time wandering around the city and here are some of my updates on the chapels & shrines of the city.

Rao - The chapel has no resident priest. Although the head of the cities college, Brother Altabrus, is the only known priest of this deity and it is he that on every gods day holds services to his serene lord.

Zilchus - The chapel is located in the merchants guildhall. Within the guild there are a number of junior priests, overseen by Avril Braywood, a local cloth merchant.

Istus - This is a small shrine with no resident priest in the city.

Zodal - Bjorik Barnt is a young priest who oversees this chapel on his own - Bjorik spends the majority of his day working with the residents of the river quarter helping the poor and destitute. He is a lively and charismatic character, well liked by his parishioners.

St Cuthbert - There is indeed a resident priest here, called Hemmel of the Hymns (a billet), who has a small group of around 6 acolytes helping him.

Heironeous - The knight, Brannagh of Orel (fighter/priest), is the highest official priest in the city. He is a captain among the cities garrison. Although he is seldom here as he spends the majority of his time on patrolling the Bramblewood Forest & the Bramblewood Gap.

Celestian - Located in the Baklunish area of the city this chapel is looked after by 2 star gazers, a brother & sister named Luscius and Marlese. They have a mixed congregation on holy days made up of both Oeridian/Flan & Baklunish folk.

Farlanghan - These are only wayside shrines and there are no priests in the city.

Xan Yae - ? (No one knows !)

Olidammara - There currently is no resident priest in the city.

Hope this 'fleshes' the clergy side of things out for you.


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