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G Module Characters (long)

Subject: [GREYTALK] G Module Characters (long)
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 01:08:18 -0500
From: Robbie Bowman
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Hi all,

On the subject of updating G module pregenerated characters, I have worked up a little bit of background on some of the characters for use as NPC's in my own campaign. I had plans to do them all as well as the pregen. Characters from other modules as well, but real life has prevented me from this for now. Here's what I made up for Frush O'Suggil (the 14th lv human fighter) I have also worked up stuff for a couple of other ones IIRC.

Sir Cedric Dorannian, Eldest son of House Dorannian of Nyrond. (Frush O' Suggil)

Cedric Dorannian was born in the city of Rel Mord in 559 C.Y. His father was a powerful lord, and an advisor to King Archbold. His mother was was a beautiful high born lady. Their family owned a mansion in Rel Mord, and a hereditary estate outside the city. The Dorannian family had been held in high esteem by the Royal Family for the last two and a half centuries.

His mother, in her years with his father, had gained his complete trust, and was informed of the King's latest policies, decrees, and secrets. Her beauty and charm hid her lust for power though, and she had long since seen an opportunity for herself, using her husband's position as a stepping stone. She began working with an Aerdi spy, and through her influence, he was secreted into the Royal Court in disguise, allowing him to spy on the King directly. They began to make dark plans in secret, and Cedric's mother also began to become more enamoured with her co-conspirator.

Cedric was given the best upbringing possible, growing up around royalty, even playing childhood games with young Prince Lynwerd. He had earned his knighthood at eighteen, after years of being a squire, and went on small raids into the Bone March, Adri Forest, and the dark undercity of Oldred in search of adventure. His mother, and her secret contact had set their plans in motion. King Archbold and the young Princes were to be killed, leaving Nyrond in chaos, and open to attack from the Great Kingdom. Ivid's mad plans called for Nyrond to be conquered as the first step in the Great Kingdom's return to Empire.

The plan came close to working, it was discovered at the last minute by the King's personal security guards. There was furious combat in the halls of the Royal Palace as the assassins were flushed out and killed, however, Cedric's mother was never found. Apparently she had escaped with her secret love. She was never seen again.

The shock that a member of the Dorannian family had betrayed the King and Nyrond was incredible. Rumor began to spread, first through the Royal Court, then through Rel Mord, and on to the rest of Nyrond, that his father had known of the plan, but loved his wife so, that he kept silent for fear of her punishment. Some in the Royal Court demanded that his father be removed from his position, and stripped of his lands and title. He was eventually removed from his position, but not stripped of land or title. His father's life had been turned upside down, though, and he fell into depression and drink. No one in Nyrond fully trusted anyone in the family anymore.

Cedric was deeply disturbed, and went on wild and often near suicidal adventures, seeking to keep his mind off the troubles at home. He traveled across the Flanaess fighting for justice anywhere he could, and joined in a campaign against giants in the Crystalmist Mountains in 578 CY, just one year after the betrayal.

When he returned, he went on several more adventures, desperately dangerous quests, personal missions into the Great Kingdom, to try and learn what he could about his treacherous mother and her whereabouts. He became involved in dark intrigue, back alley combats with assassins, and other run ins with danger. His skill carried him through those fights, but he could not find a trace of his mother. In such a large and and corrupt land, it was near impossible anyway.

Just before the Wars, his father finally slipped away, after a long slide through depression and alcohol. The title of Lord Dorannian passed to Cedric. He refused to accept his lands and title until he had brought his mother and the Aerdy spy, who he believed had corrupted her, to justice.

During the Wars, he fought with distinction in the Flinty Hills, the Eastern Plains, and Almorian Borderlands. He participated in the retaking of Almor in 586, and was honored by his old friend, now King, Lynwerd. His deeds had done much to restore the family honor, and the King officially pardoned his family for his mother's betrayal. He was even offered his father's old position as advisor to the King, or a Field Generalship. But he politely refused, and vowed never to settle down until he found his mother and brought her back to Nyrond to face justice.

He has tracked down rumors that the couple escaped the fall of the Great Kingdom and fled westward in disguise. In the last couple of years, he has searched through the Unrst States, Greyhawk City, Furyondy, Veluna, and he is now moving into the Sheldomar Valley. He has an overwhelming sense of justice and goodness that compels him to help those in need that he meets along the way.

Robbie Bowman

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