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The Duchy of Ulek "source document"

Date: Tue, 09 Nov 99 21:32PM PST
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Subject: Re: [GREYTALK] The Duchy of Ulek "source document"

> plains and forests between Hellfurnaces and the Lortmils. Unlike the Aerdy
> to the north and east, the Keogh tribe mixed with the Suel, and founded the
> kingdom of Keoland, and the descendants of the Uleki were given a large province on the eastern boundary of Keoland to rule. This area was

Eh, don't ask me why, or from where, but I was always under the impression that somehow, the Suel managed to remain in power over the peoples of the Sheldomar.

> Historically, the demihumans of these mountains have fought long and hard to
> drive out the humanoids and monsters, culminating in the Hateful Wars which
> led to the creation of the Pomarj, from whence many red glowing eyes look back to their "birthright" and seek to regain it. The hill dwarves, mountain

Just a note, but the Pomarj was already there...just before the humanoids waltzed in, it was a collection of petty squabbling humans (gee, not much change, other than adding an -oid to the end of the species of the rulers).

> Two ancient woodlands grow within the borders of Ulek, the remnants of the once great forest that spanned the length of the Sheldomar Valley from the Dim Forest hundreds of miles to the north, and the Dreadwood which lies hundreds of miles to the south. The Axewood is a small forest that straddles

Why does it seem like there's an effort to cover just about every bit of plains with forests in the past? Couldn't some of it have been, well, always plains? After all, the much beloved (yeah, right) plains elves had to originate somewhere.

> ruler deems necessary to deal with the issues facing the country. Cabinet members must be selected from the Elven nobility, and their upkeep is provided by their family (national taxes in Ulek are only for keeping up ambassadors and a standing army, all other taxes are set by and paid to
> local nobility). At present the Duke's Cabinet includes The Lord of War,

Errr...wouldn't that leave them espically open to, say, bribery?

> MILITARY: The military of the Duchy is small but effective, and is noted for its many high elven fighter/mages. The most common activity performed by
> the army is patrolling the plains of the Duchy, and at most times some 25% of the total force is out on patrol. At any given time, the size of the army

Personally, I'd have the main duty of the army be patrolling and guarding that mountain border, since, according to the map in the FtA Atlas of the Flanaess, the part of the Lortmils controlled by the humanoids does border on the Duchy of Ulek. IIRC, Celene Pass (linking the Duchy of Ulek with Celene) marks the northern border of the Pomarj's lands.

> promoting trust and morale among the army. And rather than maintaining expensive (and unnecessary) fortresses throughout the Duchy, patrols

In the area where the Duchy's and Pomarj's borders meet, those fortresses may not be so useless.

> Since the Greyhawk Wars, there has been an additional military burden taken
> up by the Duchy: forwarding a force to assist in patrolling and maintaining
> the Principality of Ulek's border with the Pomarj. This force is typically

Err...I think this'll need revision...since they have their own border with the Pomarj, too. Remember, the Pomarj owns the Lortmils south of Celene Pass.

> piece, has a square hole in the center of the coin. The unicorn sigil of an
> old Suel noble house (also evident on the County's coat of arms) is repeated
> around the periphery of the coin five times, and the obverse bears the motto
> "Peace in Strength" in ancient Suel.

Probabily House Rhola or Neheli, since they're the prominent Suel nobles who settled in the Sheldomar Valley.

Whew. That was, umm, long. It's good, but I don't quite agree with everything dealing with the government and such, but, overall, it works. You just might want to do something with those lists...espically that list of doesn't read very well.

Taras Guarhoth, Sage of House Cranden

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