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At 2:47 PM -0800 12/13/99, Thomas E Morris wrote:
>I'd like to see Frostreme. Do you have his lair and such also detailed? If you don't mind I'd like a copy please.
>Have fun,

The information that is below is based on the Cold Marsh description from Iuz the Evil. I suggest that any adventures taking place there be based upon that book. I never got to run an adventure with the dragon. Muldrick the white and retinue traipsed through the swamps and the numbers didn't come up for an encounter. That's why Muldrick is alive today.

Frostreme's Motebreath does magic missile damage (5d4 + 5) in the form of fire to everyone affected by his breath spell. It has a casting time of 1.
It manifests itself as tiny motes of fire. Frostreme is particularly fond of fire, since he knows that those coming against him will likely be thinking about protecting themself from the cold. If someone should survive and return to civilization, he will likely change tactics in the future.

His lair retinue includes Spurgaze (White Dragon, f, P5 of Tiamat), a trollish priest of Perfos (m, P5, God of Mimics, Dopplegangers and Trolls), Mogtaga (Frost Giant Wizard, f, M3) a hostage whose body he inhabits in the form of Magic Jar, 3 invisible stalkers, 25-30 skeletons and zombies (equal numbers), a pair of charmed giant trolls and a number (15-21) of ice trolls that serve him willingly.

Mortaga usually wears the ring of spell storing (made by Frostreme) for when visitors show up. She is a willing captive and has learned magic from him. As the daughter of the chief, her presence helps to ensure the loyalty of the local Frost Giants. The frost giants in the vale include 4 hunters (2m and 2f), the Chief (Madock, max hit points), his wife (Endiri) and 8 youngsters. The vale is kind to these folk, they are healthy and attractive, even for thei r own kind. The raise a breed of thick-furred and wide-hooved bison for food. The hunters, chief and his wife do have magic items that they use in combat, I lost those notes.

Other inhabitants of the vale include: 2 units (10 each) of elite trolls loyal to Frostreme and the giants, a pack of giant dogs (HD 4, #AT 1, D1d6) that are excellent guardians and herders and a number (15-21) of slaves to raise crops and serve as the occasional snack.

NB: AV is attack value and is 21 - Thac0, DB is 21 - AC. I got it from a dragon magazine and it's similar to what is going to be in 3rd edition. Toughness is something that I use IMC for huge creatures. Simply divide the amount of damage inflicted in an attack by Toughness to get the actual damage done to the creature. If you dont' like it, don't use it. I give creature strength bonuses, which is why all of Frostreme's attacks are at +9. The strenght of a creature is a judgement call on my part, and is reflected in AV and damage.

Frostreme (Hx3, Sx2, T, E, O)
(very old (670 years) male white dragon)
AV 17; DV 28; Toughness 3; MV 12 (Fl 40 (C), Br 6, Sw 12); HD 16 (144 hp); #AT 3; D 1d6+9/1d6+9/2d8+9; MR 25%; SA Frost Breath (1/3 rounds, 9d6+9, cone (70', 5', 25')), fear radius 35 yards; SD ice walking, gust of wind (3x/day), immune to normal missiles, detect invisibility (90'), clairaudience 180' within lair; S -; I 18; W 14; D -; C 19; Ch 15; PC 18; SZ H (72' body, 66' tail, 18' neck); ML 19; AL CE
Notes: Lairs within the Frigid Cyst, which lies within the Vale of the Bite.
Spells: As Dragon (2) (Casts at 21st level) 1st: Frostreme's MoteBreath, Magic Missile.
As Wizard of 12th level (4/4/4/4/4/1) 1st: detect magic, magic missile, phantasmal force, enlarge, 2nd: flaming sphere, mirror image, shredcone, 3rd: dispel magic, fireball, sepia snake sigil, shredsphere, 4th polymorph other, polymorph self, dimension door, charm monster, 5th: teleport (x2),
feeblemind, magic jar, 6th: death spell. Proficiencies:
Nonweapon Proficiencies:
Magic Items: bracelet of protection +3, ring of invisibility, crystal ball, wand of fire (76), amulet of proof against detection and location, ring of spell storing (dispel magic, protection from fire, stoneskin, nondetection, improved invisibility).
Spells in Effect: stoneskin, contingency, invisibile stalker, magic mouth, animate dead
Spell Book; 1st: detect magic, enlarge, magic missile, phantasmal force, sleep, 2nd: flaming sphere, invisibility, shredcone, mirror image, 3rd: dispel magic, fireball, sepia snake sigil, shredsphere, protection from fire, nondetection, 4th: improved invisibility, polymorph other, polymorph
self, dimension door, stoneskin, 5th: teleport, feeblemind, magic jar, animate dead, avoidance, 6th: death spell, contingency, invisible stalker, reincarnate.
Description: As a young white, the weakest species of dragon, Frostreme felt inferior to other dragons. Rather than become more cruel and sadistic, he decided to be different from his ancestors and break away from their familiar pattern; eventual death at the hands of an adventuring group or another dragon bent on increasing its hoard. Frostreme decided that to better himself he would become a master in the ways of magic. His mother had told him tales of the despicable and treacherous magic used against his ancestors and Frostreme thought that that sounded perfect.

When he finally left his mother's lair and founded his own, he did not worry about the accumulation of treasure. A hoard was the surest way to attract undue attention. Instead he went out of his way to bury any wealth he found and sleep on the ground. He was busy looking for the perfect victim. Eventually he found it, a wizard. The wizard was swiftly kidnapped and secreted away. In the ensuing years the wizard, whose name is lost, taught Frostreme magic. For many centuries Frostreme kept up the charade of being weak and worthless. He eventually wanted control of the Cold Marsh, but he had to wait until he was powerful enough to do so.

As an old dragon (495 years) Frostreme paid a visit to what was then the master of the Cold Marsh, Thinice. He challenged the venerable dragon and beat him. Frostreme's clever use of spells ensured his victory.

In the years since that victory Frostreme has defeated at least two black dragons and too many whites to count. His mate, Spurgaze, lives with him. This is an oddity among white dragons. For her part, she doesn't seem to mind. She is proud of Frostreme and her offspring with him and secretly enjoys the fact that she was subdued in combat by such a being. Frostreme also enjoys the fact that she was
subdued by him, he also welcomes the additional security that a second powerful dragon brings to his lair.

Frostreme is now the undisputed champion of the Cold Marsh. Frostreme's lair is within the Vale of the Bite in a central cavern called the Frigid Cyst. The frost giants that also live in the vale pay tribute to Frostreme in the form of treasure, food and magic from the frost giant wizards. Frostreme's lair uses many magic mouths and animated dead to act as wards and guardians, undoubtedly many other protection spells are in place. His hoard is protected by being encased in solid ice. The walls of his lair sparkle with untold wealth. Carting it away would prove to be a daunting

Frostreme's children, Iceheart (male 99 years old) and Whiteleaper (female 160 years old), have left the brood and made lairs. Iceheart lives in the western part of the swamp and Whiteleaper lives in the east. They are both wizards like their father. Both inform him of unusual activity in the swamp. Any other dragons found in the swamp are there without Frostreme's permission.

Frostreme watches his land diligently. He wants to ensure that no one else can move in on his territory. To this end he treats trolls like cattle, moving them around, making sure that their populations are sufficient to keep intruders busy and eating them to thin out the herd and keep his belly full.

Frostreme can sometimes be found in human form in Blackmoor or Perrenland looking for magical components and spells. Note that he can cast polymorph other on himself without losing his mind. In this guise he appears as a man of Suel descent and uses the name Havander. He never stays long in these lands, but he does have human contacts that think he is a southern wizard.

In combat Frostreme prefers to use fire spells and illusions that change his form or color. He always keeps a pair of invisible stalkers about his person to act as guardians. They typically hide in crevices when waiting to receive orders from the white dragon. Expect the unexpected from this being.

I don't have a map of the lair itself, but there are 3 distinct parts of the vale: the frost giant lair, the animal lair, and the Frigid cyst. All of these are cut from the permafrost around the place and are fairly close together. The caverns of the Frigid Cyst are the largest and there are many meandering passages. Some of them get within 180' of the Cyst and allow Frostremem to know when visitors are about.

I hope that somebody gets a use for this. Hopefully, I'll find someone that's foolish enough in my campaign to go up against him. Everyone has bowed out up to this point.

Comments and ideas are always welcome.


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