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Re: Fords, and Fords on the Veng

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Lon Dawson answered me:
>Patrice Forno wrote:
>> Another question for the assembly :
>> How can a **navigable** river be fordable ?
>> If the boats can sail, how can a man or horse walk through ?
>> (There is a good example in AoE page 168 – Broad Ford – but it is quite
>> special)
>> I speak of rivers navigable on its whole length for any vessel. If so,
>> can it be fordable ?
>> Can someone versed in the Rivers knowledge help ?

> “Wet” fords are completely different and much more difficult to
> recognize. They may range from being deep enough to get a man wet to
> the waist, chest, or neck up to requiring horses to actually swim
> axross. What they represent is a spot of slow, easy to manage currents
> in a normally much faster river. They also may represent a location
> where normally steep riverbanks are more gently sloped, allowing easier
> access to the water. Rivers with “wet” fords could be navigable by
> potentially any riverine vessels, which tend to have shallow draughts
> (no more than 3’ or so) regardless of their size (the big Mississippi
> riverboats of the 19th century rarely drew more than 4’ of water fully
> loaded).

OK, thanks for the definitions. I really appreciate.
But what of Galleys, Caravels and possibly Galleons ?
What are the draughts of such vessels ?
I’m asking this, because if I remember correctly, the Furyondy’s fleet is said to have fled the Whyestil Lake (when Iuz invaded) to the Nyr Dyv : From WARS Boxed set : “The Whyestil fleet, which had long assured Belvor’s dominance on that water (Whyestil Lake), barely escaped, sailing down the Veng to the Nyr Dyv” The Royal Furyondy’s fleet is composed of 8 Great Galleons, 16 Heavy Caravels, 14 Caravels and 44 River Vessels (WGR4 page 44).

How can such ships sail on the Veng if there are fords (assuming wet fords?)

And there ARE fords on the Veng. There is one at Grabford, because Horned troops are said to have Forded the Veng to attack Grabford (WARS Boxed Set : “At the same time, the Horned Society forded the Veng and laid siege to Grabford.”), and there is one southwards (the Panggate from Gord’s Books).

What are, in your opinion, the chances of a Caravel to sail through a Wet Ford ? In other words, do someone know the Draught of Caravels, Galleons and the like ?


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