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Fords, and Fords on the Veng

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Subject: [GREYTALK] Fords, and Fords on the Veng

Hello from France,

About Fords on the Veng River (and the WGR4 map):

In Artifact of Evil page 138, Gary Gygax states that the Panggate (Boulder Ford if I understood the novel correctly) is the sole crossing of the Veng River.

First, where would you place Panggate?

Reading the description in AoE, I would place it right between Barduk (WGM1) (where Crystal River joins the Veng) and Eyberen (WGR4).

But reading WGM1 who states that there is a ford on the Veng at Barduk, I would assume that both fords are the same, and I would place the Panggate at Barduk. That’s “only” 40 miles north west of the first supposed place.

If I remember correctly, Castle Hart is also placed where the Crystal joins the Veng, so IMO that would make sense to place the **only** ford on the Veng near Castle Hart (I don’t have the Castles Boxed set, but I have a file giving details about merging Castle Hart with WGM1 and FtA). The Castle would be defending the Ford.

Comments ?

The only problem I see is that in the novel, the ford seems unguarded by Furyondy’s forces. If I read correctly, in the novel a Horned Army is on the Veng, with a reco force + Nerull + Daemon that crosses the Veng unmolested into Furyondy.

My question is (Gary?): How Furyondy could leave the **only** ford on the Veng unguarded?

[For your information, in my campaign the Panggate is not the only crossing of the Veng. There is another Ford at Grabford (given the city’s name, that seems evident to me that there is a ford here). IMC there is also a bridge south west of Critwall (Critwall’s Bridge), and another bridge north east of Eyberen (Eyeberen’s Bridge).]

Another question for the assembly :
How can a **navigable** river be fordable ?
If the boats can sail, how can a man or a horse walk through ?
(There is a good example in AoE page 168 – Broad Ford – but it is quite special)
I speak of rivers navigable to standard vessels, not only to barges. The Veng is said to be navigable on its whole length for any vessel. If so, how can it be fordable ?

Can someone versed in the Rivers knowledge help ?

Alain, spécialiste de la mécanique des fluids, qu’en dis tu?

Thanks for your time


Patrice Forno – Marseille – France

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