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Re: Vecna/migrations/Aerdy/Keoland (was: Vecna/migrations/Keoland)

Date: Tue, 30 Nov 99 00:23AM PST
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Subject: Re: [GREYTALK] Vecna/migrations/Aerdy/Keoland (was:Vecna/migrations/Keoland)

> Bias! Bias!

And you're just NOW noticing this? :)

> Mr. "I Love Aerdy" doesn't see as many meatsnmagicks for Keoland, yes? It's because yer biased! The Valley of the Mage is *much* more mysterious and

I'd like to point out that it's an Aerdi who's ruling the Vale now. :P

> mighty than anything the decadent east has produced, and the stronghold of Vecna's empire witnessed things more potent and awful than ever the mild

Vecna's empire was overrated. After all, if all those Suel managed to migrate so successfully through the area, it obviously wasn't that big and powerful. :)

> ancestors of Tenha dreamt up. You don't think Celene, with all its ancient
> glamour, can hide their kingdom out of the sight of a rampaging horde of drug-starved Suloise or two? Keoland is the home of 90% of the surviving

No, I don't think that Celene can. After all, they were so scared of all those migrating Suel that they let the Keoish dominate them for hundreds of years. It took them that long to figure out that the migrations where over and kick out the Keoish. Which just happened to coincide with the Keoish Expansionistic Phase.

> treasures of the Suel Imperium, and the main destination for relics saved

This I have a lot of trouble beliving, since it was those Houses who had the most time to pack up their junk and run who didn't settle in Keoland. It was those who had the least time (ie: the Rhola and Neheli, the LATECOMERS to the migration game), and thus would have had the least treasures to bring with them. Odds are, most of the treasures ended up either in Oerid hoards, Urnst, or the Scarlet Brotherhood. Or completely lost in various dungeons.

> from the Ashen Desert. The fledgling Oerid outlander kingdoms were summarily
> crushed by the overwhelming might of the Suel public relations engines, their
> relics siezed at bargain basement prices. If the arch-tormenters of the

Yep. The Suel relics siezed at bargain basement prices. That's exactly what the Oerids did to all those Suel who fell into the lands they wanted. Like those of Urnst or the Iron League. Unlike those of Keoland, who didn't have time to flee with too much.

> underworld seem to be showing undue interest in the Great Kingdom, it's because they figured the land to be full of saps and easy marks. It's

Heh. Or maybe they just realize where the REAL power of the continent is, not in some two-bit, worn out, tired nation that was so insignificant, it barely got a page worth of information written about it. :P

> Keoland that has he ancient sites of *good* and *balance*, something the peoples of the east were afraid would hurt their chances in picking up chicks.

Name one of Good. I don't recall any, and I'm wondering if you saw something I missed, or if you're just making this up.

As for Neutral, bah, who cares about a bunch of fence-sitters? If they can't choose a side, they'll make a nice red stain on the grass when it comes time to go to war. >:)

> PS The Barrier Peaks? The Crook of Rao? The Crystalmists in general, and the alien secrets therein? The Hellfurnaces, the weapons of giants, and the
> eldritch chambers of the aboleth?

I refuse to recognize Expedition of the Barrier Peaks as one. After all, the Keoish didn't get to it. It just sat there unopened for all that time until some adventurers were sent in to hack up everything that moved.

And the Crook of Rao was in Aerdy for a time, too. After all, it was Drax the Invulnerable of Rel Astra who pawned off that useless trinket to the Canon of Veluna. Heh. The funny things those tourists will fall for. :P

I know of no secrets in the Crystalmists.

I don't regard a volcano as a mystical site.

I don't know what giant's weapons you're referring to, but I doub there's anything I'd consider mystical in there (if it's not unique, it's not even really that close, unless it's something that isn't made by people or monsters, like a dweomer stone).

And as for the aboleth....I thought you were championing good and neutral sites...not sites as evil as the Cauldron of Night. :P

> Probably not. He wouldn't share private megalomaniacal schemes with just any
> outsiders.

True, but outsiders would have noticed large numbers of Flan being forced to worship him, with rather large sacrifices being made (think Dragon-King of Tyr from Dark Sun for an example) as opposed to, well, people giving lip service and getitng away with it.

> They didn't care. They just closed the doors. The Suel never noticed them.

You're right. The Suel barely noticed the speed-bump that is the elves of Celene. Just rolled right over them until the elves admitted defeat and ran and hid. :)

Taras Guarhoth, Sage of House Cranden

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