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Re: Taras' reply to the Duchy of Ulek

Date: Thu, 11 Nov 99 17:12PM PST
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Subject: Re: [GREYTALK] Taras' reply to the Duchy of Ulek

> II: Well Taras, that is mostly unchanged from Steve's article. And at this time, I have no good defense against your point (as I usually saty out of the history arguments). Perhaps Steve does. It is definitely clear though that there is a mix of Suel and Oeridian that dominates the Sheldomar, and
> this mix is in varying proportions depending upon whta country we're talking
> about.

Eh, it's not my area of the world, so I'm a tad behind on quotes for it.
Now, if we were talking Aerdy, I might be able to recite page numbers off the top of my head. But, we're not, and I'm feeling particularily unambitious (hey, I already had to go play with hexes, trying to get those map coords for you, what more do you want?), so I'll hunt for them some other day. :)

> II: Hehe. I brought this up with Steve as well. If such a forest did exist,
> then what happened to it? He said that perhaps Vecna had a hand in such wholesale destruction. If it was due to immigrating humans, then IMO the native elves wouldn't have had such good relations with the people of the Ulek states.

Nah, it was the Plains Elves. Then the other elves invited the Suel, Flan, and Oerids in to kick the plains elves out. The humans went so far as to drive them underground, where they eventually became the drow. That's where your forest went. :P

Actually, given some quotes about Vecna that I've been reading lately, he is the best choice for a deforester...he did sack Fleeth, and cut off everyone's head as a kinda sick joke on the people who were pleading with him to allow them to surrender. Oh, and he devestated Mara when their chieftan refused to pay the tribute of heads (why was Vecna collecting heads?) one year. Nice guy.

> T: Errr...wouldn't that leave them especially open to, say, bribery?
> II: But when rulers have all the power and money, who's bribing them?

Well, you don't exactly bribe the guy with no power, now do you? That'd be kinda pointless... :) As for the money, well, since only elves can be nobles, according to your write-up, do only the elves have money? Somehow, I think there are some weathy human, gnomish, whatever species merchants kicking around the place who have no titles to their name. They'd be the ones bribing the officials.

> II: What page is that info on? That seems awfully north to me (looking at the Darlene Map) and way too close to Courwood. I can't believe that the elves in Celene would allow orcs to claim that vast swathe of the Suss.
Also we (the Triad) do have some liberties with the difference between that
> reference (585 CY) and the current campaign time (591)

It's on the inside cover of the Atlas of the Flanaess from the FtA boxed set. It's got lots of political borders on that map. And, well, why the Pomarj got all that land, and what happened to Courwood was the source of at least one debate...check the might find a good answer there, one that might give you some ideas for adventures in the area. :) As for the pass, providing I did these hex number things correctly, it seems to wind through the Lortmils from hex S4-105 to R4-101. Not a huge border with the Duchy, but it does exist. Right on the only real path to Celene.

> II: Again I find it hard to believe that Turrosh Mak effectively holds land
> that north. If it is so I agree.

Who says he holds them effectively? They're humanoids...they can hold the mountains better than elves, and there are plenty of holds for them to have worked their way into...of both pre- and post-Hateful Wars construction. I find it quite concievable that they could hold the did take the concentrated efforts of just about every nation surrounding that chain to drive the little buggers out in the first place, after all.

> II: Yup. I just didn't know whether to include that or not, as WG8 is "non-canon" (though I'd love to "steal" Jurnre, but it doesn't fit as a substitute for Waybury or Tringlee)

You know, that's scary. I just guessed that Rhola would be a Unicorn...I'd completely forgotten about the Jurnre entry in FoI... :)

> II: Yeah, it was. I used Steve's stuff wherever possible. And I admit I'm no
> expert on elven culture or politics, and certainly any of you "dandelion-eaters" out there are more than welcome to comment and give suggestions.I know about the trees. That was taken from the '83 box set,
and in addition considering the importance of roanwood and ipp trees, the
> descriptions from that set need to be added as well. I would like to see that 83 info on a common website so every Triad doesn't have to type the same stuff. Thanks again.

Well, hopefully, if more triads follow your lead, and post some material here, y'all can start to get an idea of how the other triads are doing the culture in the you can get more info on wouldn't seem right to have someone go ahead and do something resembling medieval France...and then across the river, it looks more like the Aztecs...and I'm sure players would notice that, too... :)

Taras Guarhoth, Sage of House Cranden

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