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Re: Population

Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 19:07:29 +0200
From: sander
Subject: Re: Population

On Sun, 12 Mar 2000, Marc Tizoc Gonzalez wrote:

> There is just too much to say about this thread. Thank you Gary!
> First, the statement was made:
> >>> > All those warhorses have to come from somewhere, and it's sure not Ket.
> Thus: herds of horses.
> <<<
> Actually, I suggest that civilized Bakluna be an ongoing source of excellent horseflesh from the mid 350s CY on.
> Sander says that a Gran March soldier's seven-year duty does not give that soldier the horse, but I suggest to Nick and company that if they want a

Well, I am not. I haven't had time to think much about the Gran March, but I am pretty sure that just as armor and arms, the horse belongs to the army, notthe soldiers 8-)

> popularly horse rich region, then after seven years surviving soldiers _do_ come to own their horse. (Of course with ownership comes taxation!
> Nerull, eat your heart out. :P )

Surviving should not be that hard.

> Sander also said:
> >> > Better take a look at the numbers of horses involved and the people/one horse ratio.
> [snip]
> But there was close to *NO* fighting in the Sheldomar.
> <<
> I've looked through both the FtA card and the '83 Guide. Will you tell us what ratio you mean? Also, that lack of fighting in the Sheldomar may have only been successful Keoghish propaganda.

The standing heavy and medium cavalry alone is 1000, giving us a ratio of 1/187, elven light cavalry adds 500, getting the ratio to 1/124. Now looking at the numbers of the 'Great host' there are bound to be no less than at least 500 cavalry in prvate hands, hence 2000 cavalry horses all told in service, or 1 horse per about 98 people.

And that is just the cavalry horses in service.

> I, for one, was not convinced by the protestations of inaction that Keoland's throne made. :P
> As for Sander's claim that the average person's per square mile is only four, I'm too lazy to check it, and anyways I need to know whether he refers to the Duchy of Ulek or the entire Sheldomar Valley. (But give the man kudos for such meticulous work regardless of which area he counted.)

By my claculations, the area of teh DoU is 30k+ sq. miles without the woods, and the population outside towns, discounting wood elves who live in the woods is ~ 134k, giving just slightly more than 4 persons, whetever human, elf or gnome, per a outside the towns.

> Regarding Sander's demand for an example of despotic governance over an armed populace, I'll do no more than type the letters, NAZI.

Doesn't match. For a lot of reasons.

> As for Sparta on its own terms, I'd like to remind everyone that Erik Satie composed three Gymnopedies, which are based upon a Spartan boys' dance.
> Those pieces of music are some of the most important (beautiful) that humanity has made.
> Drunk and dying with what Rasgon names nostalgia,
> Marc Tizoc
> PS - I struggle against sexism, but as long as we know that we are playing with such matters, I'm fine with limiting the Gran March draft to young men. With Ket so close and the reported sexism of civilized Bakluna (I'm remembering Wasim Qharallah's hire-toast), it seems arguable that the Gran
> March might want to protect the purity of its SOf mothers. It certainly

8-) purity of SOf mothers 8-) I would guess they are, mostly as well-mixed racially as Keolanders, if not more. Rather, who would tend to all the non-military matters if *everybody* went away for 7 years?

No offence meant to anybody.

> makes for contrast with the land of the rampant unicorn, which represents the Uleks, that haunts my dreams.

'Rampant Unicorn'???

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