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Parties, Philidor, Earthdawn

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Subject: [GREYTALK] Parties, Philidor, Earthdawn (not much GC)
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Lord Moral High-Tone wrote:
>So no more killing in those horrid dungeons of yours.
>From now on it’s a Greyhawk full of Halfling birthday parties only.

If you’re running a campaign like that, count me in! I’m getting tired of putting my characters in danger all the time. What I want some nice, fun scenarios like birthday parties for awhile. I’ve actually been working on a campaign setting for awhile now called Happy Valley, where chaos and evil are practically non-existent. I’ll never find anyone to play it, but I find it good therapy to work on it after a grueling day in the real world.

Paul wrote:
>Phlogiston is later (but the ether is also Green) Phlogiston comes
>from the ideas of English and German philosophers to explain
>propagation of waves through space [snipped]

I was not aware, but I appreciate the correction. At least I was right on everything else, which is pretty good for me.

Noel Graham wrote:
>Actually, if anyone’s interested, I had a discussion with Carl
>Sargent about who Philidor the Blue Wizard was, before he fell from
>the face of the earth [snipped][he means Mr. Sargent, not Philidor]

I thought the list had already decided Philidor was Papa Smurf. Or was he a giant space hamster…?

Ug the Eloquent wrote:
>Me sometime force young orcs to train as well – much gold for older
>Much odd spirit train too (me thinks this system from Earthdawn)

Me not know Earthdawn. What spirit training do? Or do you mean Soul Train? Bad show.

Scott “Volstagg” Casper
Yak-Men agree with Ug. “Cooked elf—Yum!”

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