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Subject: Re: [GREYTALK] Genealogy
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 23:13:40 +0200
From: Patrice Forno
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>You really are on your own if you want to work on the genealogy of
GREYHAWK's major NPCs. The only NPC I can think of that has a known relative is Nerof
>Gasgal, mayor of Greyhawk City.

The relative is his daughter : Xerien Albhart, Thief (FFF,85 GtAB,116,117)

>In some other book, either in Night Watch, by Robin Wayne or it could even
be in From the Ashes ( I dont really recall) - the main guard (Captain of the
>Watch)of GH City, has a sister or some relative that is being held by (Once
>again I think) the Bandit Kingdoms. They are with holding this person
against him so that he will betray the City.
>I cant recall who it is or from which of the many refercences it could be
>from. Hopefully this will jog somebodys memory and they can give more
clues. On the other hand, I have quite a few for Keoland, that I have made up. But
>those are not Cannon.

He is Sental Nurev (FFF,9 GA,37 FAC,8,11). His brother (Sarek Nurev) is held prisoner in Stoink in the Bandits Kingdoms (FFF,9).

Here are other relative links I could find in the Greyhawk Characters :

- Ruberis Nenshen (FAC,52), brother of Org Nenshen;
- Drelnza (Drelzna) (S4,29 S1-4,79), daughter of Iggwilv, sister of Iuz;
- Arkalan Al-Sammal (WGR3,4 FFF,25 GtAB,97), sage & young brother of Rary;
- Lynwerd I (WGR4,68,94 PGG,12,25 GtAB,27,30,31,33,62) son of Archbold III;
- Talasek Thraydin (WGA1 WGA2 WGA3 PGG,31 GtAB,89), son of Edgar Thraydin (WGA2,10), himself son of Talamar Thraydin (TC91,30 WGA1-3), all three Paladins of St Cuthbert in GReyhawk City;
- all the Ivid dynasty, described in Ivid the undying;
- Avras IV (aka Thrommel) (T1-4,86 Rot8,43 WGR4,9), son of Belvor IV;
- Jolene of Veluna (T1-4,86 WGR4,9), daughter of the most powerful temporal leader of Veluna (Hazen ???);
- Iuz, son of Graz'zt & Iggwilv.
- Lucious Stairnezh (Erik of Urnst) (GoF,89 GtAB,125) tells he is related (nephew or brother) to the Duke of Urnst;
- Melf Brightflame, Prince (Melf of the Arrow) (FAC,68 WGR1,3 PGG,26 GtAB,35,70), nephew or cousin of Yolande Queen of Celene;
- Valedmor (Dr225,69) brother of Yolande, Queen of Celene;
- Querchard, Earl (WGG,36 WGCG,17 AoF,38 GDQ1-7,10,15), related to Owen of Geoff (WGG,22 WGCG,17 AoF,26 S3,2 S1-4,43), cousin of King Kimbertos Skotti (WGG,27 WGCG,17 AoF,29 GDQ1-7,12 PGG,25 GtAB,32);
- Jallarzi Sallavarian (FFF,27 WGA4,85 TC92,173 LT1,2 Rot8,4,56 PGG,22 GtAB,6,7,31,43,60,63,71,88), related to the Duke of Urnst;
- Jaran Krimeeah (The Black One) (or Jason Krimeah) (WGG,40 WG12,5 GA,42 AoF,42 Dr241,75 PGG,25) is said to be related to an Aerdian Overking, maybe Ivid III;
- Paralen Isenben, Count (WGR4,9), distant cousin of Belvor IV;
- Frolmar Ingerskatti, Prince (WARS,23 AoF,30 GtAB,33,34 SB,5), distant cousin of Latmac Ranold;
- Stinvri, King (WGG,22 WARS), cousin of the Overking of the time in Rauxes;
- Katarina of Walworth, Countess, Knight Commander (AoF,37 PGG,27,55 GtAB,21), cousin of Holmer of Walworth;
- Grace Grenell (WGG,29 WGCG,17 Ivid PGG,12,24 GtAB,23,24,26-28), cousin of Ivid V;
- Osmeran, Captain-General (WGR4,84,94), distant cousin of Osson of Almor;

FFF = Folks, Feuds & FActions (CoG)
GoF = Gem of the Flanaess (CoG)
AoF = Atlas of the FLanaess (FtA)
FAC = From the Ashes Campaign Book (FtA)
WGG = World of Greyhawk Guide (GH83)
WGCG = World of Greyhawk Glossography (GH83)
LT1 = Lost Tombs, Vol I (Star CAirns)
SB = Scarlet Brotherhood sourcebook

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