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I survived GenCon99 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt....

Date: Tue, 10 Aug 99 14:41PM PDT
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Subject: [GREYTALK] I survived GenCon99 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt....

Ahhhh....its good to be back home.

For all you guys who missed it, GenCon 99 was pretty damn cool. Lots of new stuff to gawk at -- including Gold Rush Game's new SENGOKU Japanese historical fantasy rpg, Pinnacle's BRAVE NEW WORLD alternate history superhero rpg, Gary Gygax's Lejendary Adventures FRPG (Yes! It's finally out!), and AEG has 7th Sea going full steam ahead. I have to admit, I predicte the 3E announcement would spark the next major flame war here, so I'm looking forward to a flood of creative posts in the next two weeks. ;)

But I'm sure ALL of you want to know how the Council events went, don't you. Don't deny it! You're just itching to know!

Thanks to all you attendees that made it to the meeting. I recognized a few of you from 98. I didn't get a chance to meet nearly as many of you as I wanted to (there was some disagreement over reservation arrangements some of us had talked about prior to the Con). The meeting was different than I had envisioned -- great and fun, but different. Next year, I'll make sure there are more goodies for everyone -- and yes, we'll have a banner or something with the web address.

The Masters of the Azure trilogy was likewise very successful. All but the first event was full (Part One was only short one). It was great to see Scott Casper, Russell Timm, and St├ęphane Tanguay at those events (Stephane is due dual credit for being drug into a Lejendary Adventures demo Friday night, where we all had a good time -- "MAY!!!!") Steve Wilson made it up from Oklahoma City to run the third installment -- missing his son's B-Day in the process (how's that for priorities? ;)

Scott Casper suggested I post a campaign synopsis of the trilogy online, which I thought was a very good idea. But we have also been approached by the organizer of a con in Omaha, who was interested in us running the game there. And since we're planning on bringing Masters of the Azure back for next year's GenCon (and yes, it will still be 2nd ed), I think we'll forgo that. Besides, I've been receiving lots of requests for copies and I've saved every one of them. Steve and I are going to get the adventures cleaned up for this October Omaha con, and once we're happy with it, we'll be sending out copies to those who requested it -- and to our two playtesters across the pond, of course!

So all in all, it was a big and exciting event for us and I hope those of you who attended our events had even more fun than we had. If not, I wanna know how we can make that so.

What we'd like to is hold a meeting sometime next week (I'm thinking Monday @ 9pm EST) for everyone to offer us feedback. It'll be held in our big and spacious chat room (, #GreyCouncil) and will be all about making next year 100% better than this one. I have some ideas of my own, as I'm sure the other officers do, but we're only a few small fish in a big pool. I'll make sure Keldreth sends out a set time once we get everything hammered out -- right now priority #1 is recovery and reading all the new stuff we blew our budgets on -- but there WILL be a meeting NEXT WEEK! So expect to hear something by Wednesday.

BTW, even if you didn't make GenCon this year, don't be shy. We wanna hear from everyone.

I hope I'll see all 2,000+ of you there. :D

One last thing before I close this off. Thanks to Nathan, Morgan and Steve for being there for the Thursday meeting -- it was great to have all of you there and I couldn't have done it without you (next year maybe we can talk Chris out of his shell for an appearance). And its always great to see Lisa Steven, resident mega-babe, hanging around with the rest of us. But none of us could have done it if it hadn't been for everyone who showed up.

So **THANK YOU** for making this GenCon so special for me and the rest of us officers. Its times like this when its all worth it.

Tom Harrison
Chairman, Council of Greyhawk

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