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Campaign Update III

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Hi All,


Carrying on my campaign update:

Quick recap:

The party are a group of militia working for Prince Serrand, Paladin of Rao, Castle Goldbolt, Western Lands, Aerdy.

Episode I: Party went to Ralsend to investigate noble from Jalpa's arrival. Totally missed SB dealings going on in the town (my “Spies Are Us' nugget that I posted a while back). Returned to Castle Goldbolt and wandered off to investigate the Haunted House (U1) in their own free time. Finished the session, about to fight for their lives against smuggling ring.

Episode II: Defeated smugglers, uncovered and executed assassin. Returned home. On the way, encountered drow priestess – exchanged words but no hostilities. Rested up, trained and got some magic identified.

Episode III (this week):

The party set out for the Bonewood, taking a supply train and a score of soldiers to boost a village of foresters who were being hassled by orcs (my adventure nugget). Got attacked by 8 skirmishing orcs that night. Lost one guard to the ambush, captured and interrogated four orcs, then killed them (nice party!). Were watched by drow priestess from the edge of the farmstead they were camped in.

Reached the village. Built a stockade around the village and organised their defenses. Repelled a few attacks by mounted orcs. Stopped a pair of invisible orcs from making off with a young girl from the village to be used as a sacrifice for The Fesival of the Blood Moon (see Greyhawk Calendar). Did a reconaisance of the fortress the orcs occupied and fought a patrol of orogs. Decided that the orcs were too powerful for them (good decision) and headed home, leaving the soldiers to guard the village (They'll come back here to fininsh the job in a few level's time). Had a couple of encounters with the same drow priestess. They are starting to get worried about her now but are too scared to try and take her on.

Next week:

They've been ordered to search for the ship which presumedly is part of the smuggling ring and destroy the smugglers for good (U1 part II).


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