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Gran March Request for Volunteers

Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 08:54:07 EST
From: Nick Perch
Subject: Gran March Request for Volunteers

Hi all,

We're building a country, and could use some help. If you're interested, let us know. Also, comments on the document itself welcomed. First part is information we've put together to date. Second part is a suggested format for further development.

Nick Perch
-Gran March (NC/SC, USA) Triad Member for Living World of Greyhawk

Gran March has 10 Baronies and 2 Marches. They are briefly described in this document. Population for the regions refers to population other than that in towns or villages mentioned in the text. Possible industries are listed in approximate order of importance, but may be changed to suit the vision of
future developers.

The Dim March comprises the Dim Forest east of the Realstream. The seat of the Marcher Lord is a fort on the road from Buxton's Crossing to Hochoch, in the middle of the forest. Non-military population is about 1000 humans, plus about 8800 elves and 1500 humanoids.

The Rush March comprises the Rushmoors. The seat of the Marcher Lord is a fort about 45 miles south and 45 miles west of Shiboleth, near the border of the swamp. Population is about 1500 humans, mostly near the fort and in the regions of the swamp between Orlane and the Javan. There are also about 1500
humanoids in this area.

Barony Gorgon comprises the southern Lorridges. A line that runs due east from the point where the Realstream enters the northern reaches of the Dim Forest sets the northern border. The capital (pop 600) is on a road that winds from Hookhill to the capital of Barony Peryton to the east.
Pop: 13200, 600 dwarves.
Electors: 3
Possible industries: Shepherding, agriculture (winemaking), mining (copper, gems).

Barony Peryton comprises the Lortmills to the extent that they have been claimed. The northern border is the same as that for Barony Gorgon. A line that runs due north from the source of the Lort River sets the eastern border. The capital (pop 300) is in the southern part of the barony, on a road that runs in a loop from Hookhill to Buxton's Crossing.
Pop: 3500, 1200 dwarves, about 1000 humanoids.
Electors: 2
Possible industries: Mining, building stone, smelting, smithing.

Barony Owlbear comprises the lands between the Dim forest and Rushmoors, east of the Realstream. It includes a small strip of the Oytwood, north of the Javan, the town of Hochoch (pop 5500), and an area of about 5 miles radius about Hochoch. The capital is Orlane (see module N1), current population 300.
Pop: 12100.
Electors: 4
Possible Industries: Agriculture, timber, rushes.

Barony Basilisk is bounded on the west by the Rushmoors. The northern border is a line running due east from the northernmost point of the Rushmoors. The eastern border is a line running north-south 15 miles east of Shiboleth. The southern border is the Sheldomar, and a line straight west from the source of the Sheldomar to the Rushmoors. The capital is Shiboleth (pop 5900) which sits on the road from Niole Dra to Thornward, a major trade route.
Pop: 30800.
Electors: 10
Possible Industries: Trade, agriculture, cloth.

Barony Nereid is bounded by the Lort on the East, and the Sheldomar on the south. The northern border is the same as that for Barony Basilisk, while the western border is the eastern border of Barony Basilisk. This is a rich agricultural area, and prosperous from trade across the Lort and down the Sheldomar. The capital is Lortenford (pop 2000), which sits at the juncture of the Lort and Sheldomar rivers.
Pop: 42900.
Electors: 15
Possible Industries: Trade, agriculture, cloth (silk?).

Barony Manticore sits between Barony Peryton to the north and Barony Nereid to the south. The western border is an extension of the western border of Barony Peryton south until it intersects the northern border of Barony Nereid. The eastern border is the Lort, or a line running due north from the source of the Lort. The capital (pop 1000) sits near the source of the Lort River.
Pop: 31900.
Electors: 12
Possible Industries: Other than agriculture, we've given it no thought. But I'm sure all those folks do something productive. Make it up.

Barony Chimera is bounded on the north by Barony Gorgon, on the east by Barony Manticore, on the south by Baronies Basilisk and Nereid, and on the west by a line running due south from the southeasternmost point of the Lorridges. The capital sits on the road from Buxton's Crossing to the capital of Barony Peryton. The population of the capital is about 900. This is a rich farming area.
Pop: 29700
Electors: 10
Possible Industries: Agriculture, horses, cotton.

Barony Griffon is the richest largest in Gran March, in terms of population. It is bounded on the south by the Rushmoors and Barony Basilisk, on the north by a line running due west from the southeasternmost corner of the Lorridges, on the east by Barony Chimera, and on the west by a line running due north from the easternmost point of the Dim Forest. The capital is Buxton's Crossing (pop 3000), situated at the intersection of the road from Niole Dra to Thornward, and the road running from the capital of Barony Peryton to Hochoch and points west. This is the industrial heart of Gran March, and much of the military production (armor, weapons, clothing) takes place here. While the farmland is rich, and agriculture is potentially very profitable here, a large percentage of the population is involved in crafts.
Pop: 47300
Electors: 17
Possible Industries: Weaving, smithing, horses, agriculture, leatherworking, cattle ranching.

Barony Bullette is the largest barony in terms of area, with the Dim Forest as the western border, the same northern border as Barony Gorgon, and an eastern border corresponding to the western border of Barony Griffon extended north to the border with Bissel. This barony produces most of the horses and cattle for Gran March. The capital (pop 1100) is thirty miles due west of Hookhill.
Pop: 16500
Electors: 11
Possible Industries: Horses, cattle ranching, leatherworking, agriculture.

Barony Dragon is bounded by Baronies Bullette, Griffon, and Gorgon, and the northern border is the same as that for Barony Gorgon. This is the capital barony, and in addition to the Baron, the Commandant rules here. The capital of both the barony and the country is Hookhill (pop 7500) which sits astride the road from Niole Dra to Thornward. A smaller trade road runs west to the capital of Barony Bullette and east to the capital of Barony Gorgon.
Pop: 33000
Electors: 16
Possible Industries: Agriculture, trade, smithing, and horses.
The following should serve as a guide to the type of information that should be developed. By no means, allow this to limit your creativity. Note in some cases that the information has been provided for you. Feel free to use this as a springboard. As your assigned editor, I will be available to answer any questions you may have and to review any information you have created. Once again, thanks for assisting us to make a great campaign.

Information Needed
General Information
Major Roads
General geography
Political information
Current Baron(ess)
Current Electors
Current Events

Economic Information
Major Industries
Natural Resources
Major Crops

Historical and Social Information
Major Historical Events
Local Holidays
Local Legends

Size and population
Architectural style
Major Temples
Troop contingents
Other Major Buildings
Major Organizations

Other Places of Interest
Major Landmarks

Major NPCs
Family History
Line of Succession
General Competence
Any items of note
Any Other NPCs of note

Of course, feel free to develop beyond these guidelines. Thanks, I look forward to your submission.

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