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Future Timeline 1/1

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This is the first post of several I intend. This is a tiny exerpt from a timeline I am working on. I thought I would start sending stuff to this list for your approval. Many of my ideas came from you folks on the list. As well as other NET resources. I have no intentions of claiming any kind of glory or any such, and this timelime has been written solely for the use as background information in my own campaign set in669 CY. Any of you may use any of this asyou wish.

Jay Simpson

585 The general's attempt to infiltrate Rel Deven is thwarted. Meural and the remains of the Almor-Medegian army reach Rel Deven. Carwen establishes the Council of the Crandens as a permanent body. The Patriarch of Hextor is poisoned in Rel Astra. At the same time, members of the Scarlet Brotherhood appear in the city. Ahlissa declares full independence. The second youngest son of the Duke of Chathold dies somewhere in the Great Kingdom. Szeffrin gathers great numbers of orcs for his army and conquers the citadel of Goldbolt, forcing the Cranden border southwards. Drax builds ships. In the autumn of this year Carwen becomes very ill.

Euroz and Vile Rune Orcs begin fighting for control of the Bone March. They are both ousted though when the Zhorez tribe and Rotted Skull tribes ally and form a third faction. The Euroz somehow manage to ally and take control of these two new tribes. Vile Rune, rather than face extinction, join under the Euroz banner as well. The leader of the four tribes, a self proclaimed king, is a powerful orc named Gruznor Bloodspiller.

586 In an aggressive campaign, King Tavish V of Keoland sends armies under command of his favorite General Begnell into Geoff and Sterich. General Bagnell marches first on Geoff and Geoff is liberated rather easily in a surprise attack at the Battle of Gorna, which catches the evil forces there quite unaware. Bagnell is able to sneak his main attack force through the Stark Mounds while sending a token diversionary force through the Oyt Wood. The two forces meet at Gorna and claim it within a fortnight. Once nested in Gorna, Bagnell is able to direct several successful attacks against humanoid forces held up in the Hornwood. These raids are very successful and Bagnell becomes a celebrated hero in the home courts of Niole Dra, where he rapidly becomes know for his aggressive and relentless methods. Before the grip of winter can settle in, General Bagnell returns to Niole Dra late this summer to summon more troops. He leaves a young General by the name of Drogan Hazifax in command of the troops of Gorna. General Halifax is widely known through Keoland as the youngest commanding General in the Royal Army. Many nobles think that it is a mistake for Bagnell to leave such a young and inexperienced General in command of such an important outpost. Bagnell ignores all of the nobles jibes. Brewfest of this year finds General Bagnell commanding a new host of soldiers stationed in the Good Hills just south of Flen. Bagnell fords the Javan and begins a forced march on Istivin. At the same time General Hazifax begins another aggressive march, called a Cleansing, into the Hornwood and eventually south across the Stark Mounds. Both forces eventually meet at Istivin, beginning a swift siege on the city. The token force of Giants evacuate the city and allow the duel Keoland armies to occupy the city. Two weeks later, however, a stronger force of Humanoids and Giants along with obvious Drow aid reclaim the City of Istivin. This counter offensive was expected by General Bagnell, and he like the Giants before him vacate the city. This time, however, the surprise comes from Keoland's prized General's mind. While Bagnell and his men evacuate the city, Hazifax and his men secretly hide within the city in secret tunnels and cellars rapidly dug throughout the city during their short time of occupation. This was possible due to Hazifax owning two magical items instrumental in rapid tunneling and earthen construction. When the Evil forces moved in to occupy the city, Bagnell turned 180 degrees and renewed his siege. As the Giant/Humanoid/Drow forces settled in, prepared for a lengthy siege, Hazifax and his troops attacked from within. The Evil forces were unprepared for this surprise and were slaughtered after a week long city wide purge. Most of Istivin was burnt during this offensive, and while Hazifax took his men back north to Gorna, Bagnell elects to winter over in Istivin, to aid in the reconstruction process.

Ratik attempts an invasion into the Bone March to stop Gruznor before he can gain too much power. The Ratik forces are beaten back mercilessly, and suffer many heavy losses. Gruznor begins to form and alliance with the Ogre and Gnoll tribes in the Rakers, and the Hobgobin tribes in the Flinty Hills. When news of this impending alliance reaches the courts of Nyrond it is laughed at. While those remaining in the North Province choose to ignore the growing threat, thinking it will die out soon.

587 The Drow/Giant Alliance renews it s attacks on Istivin and poisons the Davish River with the dead. Bagnell settles in and waits for the forthcoming siege. Hazifax sees renewed fighting near the Hornwood as well and is unable to send any troops to aid Bagnell.

Orc King Gruznor of the Bone March, seizes Ratikhill and takes control of the Loftwood in a fierce winter campaign. Refugees of Ratikhill report that the humanoid forces seem more prepared for the weather and conditions than in the past. Gruznor demands aid from the Herzog of the North Province, Grenell. This aid does not come, but Herzog Grenell does promise not to interfere with Gruznor s conquest of Ratik. Gruznor begins slashing the Loftwood in a swift ship building campaign.

588 Turrosh Mak launches a final offensive. This time his forces are better equipped and better armed. The combined armies of the Ulek States were no match for the massive horde of humanoids that swept up out of the Pomarj. The Pomarj armies sweep through the Ulek States in a matter of months, leaving nothing but carnage in their wake. Turrosh and his ravenous horde claim Gryrax, Havenhill, and Jurnre before Growfest arrives, and by the end of that same festival Tringle has fallen. His armies then press north, claiming all the lands east of the Sheldomar north to the Lort River near Waybury. Pomarj armies can be seen dancing on the shore across the Sheldomar late into the night, celebrating their new found territory. The survivors of the blitz run to Keoland, [some text missing?], but Keoland is unable to send aid. Tavish V had made a fatal error. Believing the Pomarj to no longer be threat and the rumors of Turrosh Mak s death to be true, Tavish had routed most of his forces to his western front so that Hazifax and Bagnell could better be supported in their efforts their. The Humanoids and Giants hadn t quite given up on there possibility of having a strong outpost in the Flanaess and both of the Generals were entrenched in their respective cities fighting a long drawn out Giant War. The refugees of the Ulek States eventually scatter, most of them migrating to Veluna, Furyondy, and Highfolk.

Rabid waves of Bone March humanoids fall on Bellport in the early spring months of this year. Gruznor was able to take Bellport so easy due to the orcs in Grenell s standing army already stationed there siding with Gruznor. Bellport s mines are captured, and a serious blow is dealt to the North Province. Meanwhile Gruznor sends many "expendable" troops towards Kaport Bay, Eastfair, Edge Field and Atirr. The orcs under command of the Herzog rebel against their North Province leaders and ally with the Bone March troops. While these troops number in the thousands, they are not meant to return home. These forces are sent in clusters of a few hundred each, and scatter themselves across the remains of the North Province. For the most part these clusters are missed by paranoid patrols, and none of the clusters begin causing problems until they are well within enemy territory.

589 Orc King Gruzno slowly begins expanding his borders south of Bellport. The thousands of Humanoids stationed there advance and claim about a mile a day. Meanwhile, Gruznor s troops based out of Ratikhill are slowly advancing towards Marner. Gruznor also secures his holdings in Knurl as well as fortifying himself in the Flinty Hills. To accomplish this last task, Gruznor grants "Lordships" to some of his most loyal "generals" and they in turn migrate with their various clans to the Flinty Hills. Gruznor also offers higher pay to those of his soldiers that can produce the most offspring. This results in a population explosion in the Bone March of Orcs. No retribution comes from any forces in the North Province as their wicked leaders still fail to consider Gruznor a threat. Nyrond, however, begins to take notice. Gruznor loyalists clash with a token Nyrondese border patrol in the Flinty Hills during the late fall of this year. While the Nyrondese troops prove the victors, they return home with only half their original number. Nyrond opts not to force a conflict with this new force in the Bone March, since it seems evident that Gruznor will take the North Province.

590 In a surprise rush, thousands of Orcs under Iuz s banner catch the Vesve folk unaware. The Orcan hordes attack from every direction, even from tunnels beneath the ground. Iuz is finally able to capture much of the Vesve Forest. In a decisive battle west of Crockport, where Iuz forces over run key positions throughout the Vesve, thousands of good aligned folk die horrible deaths at the hands of Iuz s demonic spawned troops and feral orcs. Using the Vesve Iuz is able to break through Furyondian lines in one concerted effort and begin laying siege to Chendl. Many more humans are seen fighting on Iuz s side, and rumors of artifact level magic on the Old One s side run rampant throughout the Flanaess. As the Peace of Greyhawk is obviously now broken, armies all across the land begin preparing for march. Alliances are doubted and shifty eyes are everywhere.

Even as Iuz is laying siege to Chendl, there is an uprising in Rookroost. Many revolutionary battles are fought but the token forces are severely dealt with by Iuz troops. Redspan becomes an influential and key position as does Rookroost itself. The Fall of this year sees troops from both the Pale and the County of Urnst crossing the Artonsomay. It is curious to note that nothing is heard from Nyrond in the early days of this, the Second Great War.

By High Summer, Gruznor has expanded the Bone March s borders as far as Kaport Bay, taking that very weakened city in under a month. Gruznor fortifies a line from Knurl to Kaport Bay, building orcan burrows and villages approximately every 10 miles or so. In these burrows the Orcs nest in and continue their rapid period of production. Gruznor follows through with his promise, and uses the spoils taken from Bellport and Kaport Bay to pay his troops for
[Page missing]
blatantly disagrees and takes Stoink as a safe measure, fortifying the city in the process.

Nyrond, unsure of where the next attack is going to come from, sits and waits. Fortifying already well established strongholds and building the army bigger.

596 The first evidence of a Pomarj Navy is discovered when Turrosh Mak and his forces Launch a two pronged attack on Gradsul. One head of Mak s army comes across the Sheldomar while two other waves attack from the sea. General Torocoan who is stationed at Gradsul at the time of the attack, is seen fighting amongst his men in a valiant effort to save the doomed city. He is last seen going down under a wave of orcan and goblinoid attackers. General Dovenmar and the rest of the struggling Keoland River fleet attempt to flee to the sea, but are quickly decimated by the more ocean worthy Pomarj Navy. Where, when, or how Turrosh managed to develop these sailing vessels is unknown. As the battle rages, the fires of Gradsul keep the night time sky lit as it were day. The remnants of the Keoland Ocean Navy arrive and take serious losses attempting to save Dovenmar and his men. They fall back to the Sheldomar, and it is here that the entire Keoland Fleet is destroyed. The Pomarj Fleet, aided by shore bound catapults and superior numbers, manage to sink every ship. Dovenmar and his ships make a heroic stand hoping for aid to arrive in time, but the aid never comes. Gradsul falls and Monmurg not long thereafter, as Turrosh puses his forces against Brotherhood controlled lands. Rather than fight what they know to be a losing battle, the Brotherhood gives Turrosh Mak Monmurg as well as several Islands as long as he agrees to make no further western expansion. Turrosh makes the agreement, then turns around and purchases several thousand slaves from the Brotherhood to use in his front lines. Turrosh Mak splits his empire and establishes a second capital on Jetsom Island. From here, his newly found navy is able to patrol all along the Azure Coast, effectively land locking the Keolanders.

The County of Urnst and the Duchy of Urnst unify into a single Kingdom. This is facilitated by the marriage of Duke Karl s eldest son to Countess Belissica s daughter. Duke Karl takes the title of King so that his son may inherit a kingdom. Countess Belissica insists that the capital of this new kingdom be Radigast city, and that all further heirs of the Kingdom of Urnst come from the house of Gellor. This basically means that the inherited title of King or Queen of Urnst is to be passed along the female lines of the family. Duke Karl s son, Kressen, takes the last name of his bride to show he fully supports this condition. As part of this new direction in Urnst s history, and in an attempt to aid the economically faltering Nyrond, the Kingdom of Urnst purchases many of Nyrond s northern lands, including those around Midmeadow. This reduces Nyrond s taxable borders to a northern extent of Borneven, while placing a considerable amount of gold in the King s coffers. This also serves to alleviate any immediate fears of Iuz coming against Nyrond, so that Nyrond is better able to deal with it s more easterly threats, namely the Bone March.

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