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WGM1 Errata: On Wed, 10 Sep 1997 08:54:51 -0500, dek
efilson@BLUE.WEEG.UIOWA.EDU asked, “Are you referring to WGM1? That’s the one with the errata available. (It’s nearly unplayable without.) If not, is there really errata available for WGQ1?” Oops, I made a booboo. I meant to say WGM1.

Oerth=Earth: On Wed, 10 Sep 1997 15:36:05 -0500, Gary Gygax
ggygax@GENEVAONLINE.COM wrote, “Not to be nosey, but whatever gave you the idea that I used the USA for modeling anything on Oerth?”

The shape of the Nyr Dyv, and, as another posted mentioned, your essay in “Necropolis” which connects the City of Greyhawk with Chicago. Greyhawk is run by a U.S.-like Mafia as well, isn’t it? Maybe I took the ball and ran with it from there, but, then again, maybe I haven’t gone as far as you might lead us to believe. Nevertheless, if the Flanaess were more like a medieval or renaissance Europe than it is, it’s possible that I wouldn’t like it as much as I do. It is loose enough to have allowed me to use my own approach to the setting, which lately has been to link it with the U.S. through metaphors.

You also mentioned, “Well, Oerth is the word the locals use for their planet, but the world itself in so far removed from our own it is not recognizably a parallel world. witness the shape of the only continental landmass created by the original author.”

Are you saying that the Oerth map in Dragon Annual #1 did not come from hand written drawings by yourself, as the article claims?

Salt Marsh in Aerdy: On Thu, 11 Sep 1997 10:07:11 +0100, Pete Blake
peteb@DIGICON-EGR.CO.UK asked, “Has anyone placed U1-3 into Aerdy with any success, and if so, where abouts did you put it?”

I would suggest putting it somewhere the Lordship of the Isles if it’s pre-FtA. They might have tolerated some piracy vs. the Great Kingdom, since they were in the Iron League.

Mapping: On Mon, 15 Sep 1997 12:35:07 -0400, Michael Gillis
MPGillis@AOL.COM said, “I’d like to know how other DM’s handle mapping.”

My approach is to cater to the players’ interests as much as possible without violating what I’m trying to do. For example, I was taking one of the two groups I game with through “The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun” recently, and I wrote out rough sketches of some of the maps because the players didn’t seem to want to go through the detail work at the time. But when one of them asked, “Well, is that everything?” I answered, “Maybe, but remember, I drew these maps, and they’re pretty sketchy…”.

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