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Re: The Educated Flanaess (still long)

Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 14:13:24 -0800
From: Marc Tizoc Gonzalez
Subject: Re: The Educated Flanaess (still long)

Regarding Grey College and the School of Clerkship (maybe we can change this name?), in staring at that illustration map some more, it seems that only the School has a planned campus. Grey College is instead several large multi-story buildings on either side of University Street. In fact the School looks almost castle-like with only a single entrance (don't let those students get away!). This detail supports Grey College being older than the School; perhaps the School was created just after (and by) those sages that Paul postulates fled from the "rebel provinces," during the decade 253-263CY? I like the idea that some of these sages represent members of the clergy of Delleb who fled for fear/hatred/disgust at Rao imperialism of scholarship, and it makes particular sense for Dellebians (Paul's word) to found the School of Clerkship. :)

Thus Paul is correct in stating that:
>>> these sages brought with them the ideal of the campus - a memory of the
religious cloisters of the west. <<<

I too dislike being overly CoG-centric, but it is also perversely fun to place things like the Empire of Vecna right where Nerof Gasgal now sleeps. :P

Regarding Persian or Arabic universities, I know _nada_. Maybe that history buff, Damon or the master of the classics, Mark Kelly, or Mr. Civilized Bakluna himself, Wayne can help us out? ;)

Paul wrote that:
>>> In Rel Astra certainly - Old Oeridian rules the roost, though in places
like Eastfair or Rel Deven, Common has more of a foothold <<<

So does Drax the Invulnerable only speak Old Oeridian? Is the "decadence" of Eastfair represented in its using Common for scholarly work? Why Rel Deven as a progressive place? With a Cranden ruler, I wonder if Rel Deven might be more traditional than any other Aerdian city?

So Trinity was rebuilt at least once between 1592 and the 1700s. Can anyone else tell us about more famous universities, maybe an _alma mater_? I guess that Grey College was never completely rebuilt/renovated since only three hundred years have passed since its speculative founding (circa 250CY), and the CoG has not been invaded since this time; similarly the fires have not been in Clerkburg. Likely Grey College began in a smaller building at the site of its current main building. This may have been demolished and the larger structure made during the construction of the School of Clerkship. With more funds raised (from the _creme_ of the established families, the renewed Grey College was completed earlier, so its distinction (of being the oldest and most prestigious university in the CoG) is preserved. However, I see the other buildings as simply being purchased over the centuries as Grey College grew to need more space. In contrast the School of Clerkship was a planned campus. Any flaws with this development?

Paul wrote:
>>> Rauxes probably had or still has extensive lore in the remains of its libraries and vaults. And let's not forget Pontylver and Mentrey. <<<

I _have_ forgotten Pontlyver. What is it noteworthy for? Mentrey definitely has archives although much of its lore was made to agree with the doctrine of the temple of Hextor. Nowadays of course the city is ruined. Still, if you want to send any adventurers to search vaults for books, this is a suitable place.

Yet Fiend-Sage aside, I consider Rel Astra more of a mercantile place than a city of learning. Will the details for its rennaissance be explicated, please? Rel Deven's Cranden ruler is a scholar, IIRC, so I like lots of Dellebian lore being there, and Eastfair is the largest city of Northern Aerdy, so having colleges there works well. But we should remember that according to one of the '98 books, King Grenell proclaimed Old Oeridian the state language although it was noted that he continues to use Common. More strife for the academics!

Okay so Radigast City is a proposed Rennaissance Italy, and Belissica gains the nickname Medici? ;) Again I suggest throwing some Eleanor of Aquitaine into that Countess!

Olidamara is the likely source of hedonistic belief in the Flanaess. Maybe Myhriss (through her troubador/troveres) inspires epicurean-oid beliefs. Or is this a much older system that traces its origin to the rapture of Hanali Celanil?

And "skeptics" in Nellix, tsk, tsk. My but this Flanaess has been rather educated all along. "But they wear _pants_!" :P

Regarding Velunan attitudes, I too like the idea of prejudiced, righteous, and "superior" Velunan attitudes. Whereas the Ketites would be considered barbarians, the Furyondians (and Bisselites) are treated as children, and the Keolanders and Verboboncians are contemptible. However I wouldn't want to overdo it. Rao is not Pholtus, after all.

To my knowledge there is close to nothing published regarding Daern. However, Irongate does seem centrally enough located to be her historical home base. I want Daern's symbol to be chiseled onto the Velunan bridges of Caronis and the old Ritensa Bridge as well as several cities within the South Province and Darmen Lands of old. Will anyone tell us where else they've seen her mark? I can relate that Elayne Mystica was overheard at a dinner party explaining something that she saw in a Daern sketchbook. It was something about a way for ships to cross the isthmus between the
southern Vast Swamp where it meets Spine Ridge. Completely fantatical and impractical, of course, but such a route would render the SB Tilva Strait blockade useless . . .

Regarding troubadours, it seems like Countess Belissica is only a latter day saint when compared with the "dimming memory of the noonlight of Loriaelor!"

Alas for Nevondeer! ::raises chalice::

Much Amedio lore must have been in private libraries (a guild's) in Monmurg, but there is also some in the Matreyus estate, north of Gradsul, if we believe Mr. Roger Moore. Much of this lore as well as what Paul calls "neutral knowledge" was plundered and sent to Tilva Lands. But Pyremian pyres still light the nights in Monmurg.

I'm partial to Lyceum because of Ultima III, but maybe Lydium will grow on me. It's rather Latin, isn't it? Isn't cour French for heart, or is it correctly spelled coeur? What is the Latin for heart?

Marc Tizoc
a registered motormouth

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