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FW: Good low level Adventures

Subject: [GREYTALK] FW: Good low level Adventures
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 10:35:39 -0700
From: "Matthewson, Kent"
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"The City Of Greyhawk boxed set has some great 1 pg low level adventures. Among them are Wine Harvest, Siege of the Highfolk, Minding the Store, and The Final Resting Place of Dorshak Krane."

I used three of the low level adventure cards from the City of GH to start off our campaign, extending each adventure with additional material.

The players consisted of:

Gareth of Verbobonc - thief, formerly of a good family
Graham Trueseeker - Shield Lander, friend to the Rhennee and a Priest of Trithereon
Thorlag - a Snow Barbarian


Minding the Store

Gareth's Fence, a man called Sennard Porbell, contacted Gareth to mind his "pawnshop" for a few days, taking his "muscle" with him for protection. Gareth recruited a recent acquaintance, Graham Trueseeker, as well as Thorlag the Barbarian, whose sword was in hock to Sennard, due to his heavy drinking and gambling losses.

After an attack by some angry customers looking for their property (which was not in evidence), and an attack by a contingent of the local thieves guild, they discovered that Sennard had heavy debts and was probably in the process of fleeing the city. Having been made "an offer they couldn't refuse" by the area lieutenant guildmaster, i.e. bring back Sennard or be responsible for his debts, the trio went to investigate at the Silver Dice Casino, where Sennard had been known to gamble (and lose) heavily.

Information was gleaned at the casino from a smuggler who refused (from fear of retribution from the Guild) to help Sennard, and who had instead referred him to the Rhenee (the barge-folk). Through Graham's contacts, the group was able to find and capture Sennard, after a tense battle and hostage taking

The Final Resting Place of Dorshak Krane

Having gained some measure of reknown, word of mouth led to them being contacted by the Guild of Jewelers and Gemcutters regarding the disappearance of Dorshak Krane, a dwarf gemcutter of incredible skill and artistry who had been working on the "Gem of Fire" - a large, dark gem with a deep red heart. Investigating his now abandoned mansion, the group discovered Dorshak Krane in hiding in a secret room in the attic, driven insane by fear. The gem had been taken by "Balor" who was discovered to be a wizard (illusionist) with a tower in the Foreign Quarter. The group set out to beard Balor in his lair. After fighting through his fierce war hounds and his deformed servant Nogrod, the party faced and defeated Balor, though he escaped capture by means of a wraithform spell. The gem, however, was recovered.

Bath Time for the Hopping Prophet

Terrorist activity, consisting of drive-by shootings (poisoned) and the kidnapping of a local merchant and others led the PC's to try and win the reward for apprehension of the villains and the safe return of the captives.

The group staked out a likely target, and as expected, the terrorists (grung) attacked. Fending off the attackers, the party tracked them to an old bath-house. Routing the enemy there, they were obliged to follow them into the sewers.

In the vast underground network of tunnels and cisterns, the PC's fought their way through giant crocodiles, an otyugh, and bullywugs to the secret Temple of Wastri, the Hopping Prophet. There they defeated the priest, Heironymous Spune, and freed the captives.

Kent Matthewson

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