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Bigger EGGS

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Scott & Jenn wrote:

>I figured this was going to happen once Gygax joined the list- people a
out to
>prove that they are intelligent and witty and thus must engage themselves
in a
>duel of words with Gygax...which instead of allowing him to be a useful
>contributor of information forces him into spending what little time he
>devote to the list defending himself (I can see RJK tearing the hair from
>head now...). C'mon people, get real. Love his work, hate his work, l
>devote the next 6 months to “who can one-up Gygax”. Do we really need
>critique the spelling of his posts?? I think we all make those mistakes
>only he is picked on for know what he meant, GET OVER IT!! Th
I am
>sure he won't (probably because he is amussed by it all) I wouldn't blame
him at
>all for leaving this list. He logs and we beat him over the head with

Because it is amusing to see the silly attacks, coming from people who wouldn't have a fanclub to belong to if it weren't for me, and that's from writing the underlying game system to creating the world base of which they are fans of, I am not lgoing to leave. To be blunt, the “attacks” are pretty inept and don't score damage, so to speak. I used to spar in private with Jerry Pournelle, L. Sprague, and Jack Chalker, amongst others (such John boardman in the pages og his wrteched Dippy zine GRAUSTARK ;). Compared to that, these are club fighters. So never fear! The detractors armed with their sticks, me with my well-honed bardiche, the contest is
mismatch and pure fun for me.

>I am NOT saying you cannot or should not disagree with him, but let's
>keep it relevant to the particular post at hand.

Golly! I do hope some disagreement will occur. That's one of the best
to learn something—like the other person's POV. I, for one, will keep as civil as my opponent's, but I reserve the right to be irreverent and iconoclastic.

>We claim to be mature gamers
>with ideas to share yet all he has seen so far are little boys cat fighting.

Well, that seems rather true, I am sad to say, in regard to some of the comments I have seen. But it is easy to ignore obstreperous kiddies. ;)

>Oh, and if can't resist the urge to continue swapping barbs with Gygax,
>via private e-mail...the rest of us are NOT impressed. And to Gary Welsh
>is NOT directed at you, only that your name happens to be part of the long post
>that has driven me to beating my fists against the computer and writing

Aw, don't get over-dramatic here. It isn't like I am all that important
anything really. Things got along well enough here before I joined, right? So the world isn't going to end if I don't contribute much to the list. On the other hand, there are some things I might be able to contribute that might be use of some here . . .

>And, my own plug, I am still waiting to hear from people on the ½ Giant
>thing... :)

Hmm. I know a half-halfling is a quartling, but a half-giant? Can't h

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