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Literary Works of GH, round 1

Subject: [GREYTALK] Literary Works of GH, round 1
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 22:20:43 -0400
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Here's something else I've been working on: a list of (mostly non-magical) books & other literary works found in GH products. I haven't combed thru all my GH stuff, yet, but let me know if I miss anything.

For simplicity, "anonymous" may also mean "unknown", or "author not mentioned in source."


Acererak's Libram
Acererak [DR#225.53]
The Art of Coarse Angling
anonymous [UK2.22]
Astrology, Divinity, and Mankind
Yestro Bilnigd [GWoG.4]
The Beasts of Humanity
anonymous [WGA4.21-22]
The Book of Hours (c300 CY)
anonymous priest of Delleb [DR#253.42-43]
The Book of Stone
anonymous [WGA4.22]
Cartography in the Flanaess
anonymous [WGA2.12]
Catalogue of the Land Flanaess, Being the Eastern Portion of the Continent
Oerik, of Oerth (7 volumes)
The Savant-Sage [GWoG.2]
Cenozoic Glacial Geology
anonymous [UK2.22]
The Chronicle of Secret Times
Uhas of Neheli [WGA4.3, 22]
Colloquim Sueloise (80 CY)
Agnel Grammatol [DR#253.46]
Corabilis Pastorem (610 OR)
Gregorious the Green [DR#253.46-47]
The Courwood Travelers (459 CY)
Geohegan Chausard [DR#253.43]
Crosse Ways of Ulek (155 CY)
Andreas Wythe [DR#253.45]
Curative Music
Otto [WGA4.21]
The Dance of Nerull (c230 CY]
anonymous [DR#253.43]
The Demonomicon
Iggwilv [S4.30]
Doctrinal Commentary (c410 CY)
Dantus Allegrini [DR#253.41]
The Dragon-Scale Tome
Timonas of Jalpa [WGA4.22]
Exile From Aerdy
Sonderrako of Rauxes [tAB.11]
The Fables of Dimbles and Dinges (349 CY)
Ibn Al-Muqaffa of Ekbir [DR#253.43]
anonymous [WGA4.22]
Glossographies for Catalogue of the Land Flanaess... (7 volumes)
Pluffet Smedger the Elder [GWoG.2]
Glossography for the Guide to the World of Greyhawk (One of 7 glossographies for Catalogue of the Land Flanaess..., 998 CY)
Pluffet Smedger the Elder [GWoG.2]
anonymous [WGA4.22]
Goodmonth (473 CY)
Gironi Boccanegra [DR#253.41-42]
Greyhawk's Contributions to the World of Magic
anonymous [WGA2.12]
Greyhawk's Inventors
anonymous [WGA2.13]
A Guide to the World of Greyhawk, Volume 3 of Catalogue of the Land Flanaess... (576 CY)
The Savant-Sage [GWoG.2]
Herbal Recipes and Remedies (576 CY)
Sactus Signa [DR#253.45]
Historical Reign of Ulek (c50 CY)
Geohegan Munt [DR#253.42]
A History
anonymous [WGA4.22, 24]
History of the Priests of the Church of St Cuthbert (375 CY)
Dehn Brenner [DR#253.46]
The Illumination of the Rose
anonymous [A3.12]
Imaginary Landscapes
anonymous [WGA4.24]
An Inspiration of the Nature of Oerth
Jawan Sumbar [tAB.9-12]
Introductory Marine Chronography
Mathilde Dessenter [tAB.13]
The Journal of Kevelli Mauk
Kevelli Mauk [SB.2-3, 26]
Laws of the Temple
anonymous [T1-4.102]
Legal Affairs in Veluna 213 to 312 CY
anonymous [T1.11; T1-4.18]
Legal Distinctions in Letters of Marque
Tazaar [U1.24]
Levain's Romance [410 CY]
Gerval Bussey [DR#253.44]
Luminary Wizards of Greyhawk
anonymous [WGA2.13-14]
Mages of Greyhawk
anonymous [WGA2.12]
Magic in the Flanaess
anonymous [WGA2.12]
The Magical Properties of Gemstones
Tenser [U1.7]
The Magical Properties of Herbs and Flowers
Tenser [U1.7]
The Metaphysics of Mathematics
Nystul [U1.7]
A Most Worshipful Guide to Benign Merikka
anonymous [N1.16]
Murlynd's Early Adventures and Subsequent Ventures
Murlynd? [EX2.6]
The Nethertome
Iggwilv [DR#225.51]
The Official History
Uhas of Neheli [WGA4.22]
On Sledge and Horseback to the barbarians of the North (published shortly after 113)
Alisedran [FtAA.67]
Ordained Makedom (366 CY)
Rottcher Baggett [DR#253.46]
The Peasant's Wedding (c325 CY)
anonymous [DR#253.44]
The Plundering and Dispotion of the Silver Metal Cairn
Vasco Plugge [GoF.67]
The Poems of Thalac Jiwo
Thalac Jiwo [WGA4.24]
Power Politics
Abel Mackie [U2.19]
Principles of Navigation
Da Korma [U1.24]
The Prison (unique?)
anonymous [UK3.25]
Reflections of Our Mother (538 CY)
Rolutir [DR#253.42]
A Rigorous and Complete Treatise on the Theoretical Applications of De-Salinated waters in the Production of Potions
anonymous [WGA4.20]
Secrets of Ye Skye Revealed
Selvor the Elder [GWoG.4]
Siman and Elimar (c240 CY)
anonymous [DR#253.47]
The Skkelf Ala Saga (c50 CY)
anonymous {DR#253.47]
Tome of the Black Heart
anonymous [WG5.25-26]
Tome of the Scarlet Sign
? [SB.26; SC.2]
The Travels of Marek Polstar (398 CY)
Marek Polstar [DR#253.44]
Treatise on the Practices of the Hidden Ones
Bishop Imphalas of Furyondy [WGA4.24]
The True Relation of the Nyr Dyv and the Lands Surrounding
Norfil van Defflitter [WGA4.24-25]
Two Years' Record of the Hidden Sea
anonymous [tAB.11]
Understanding the Handiwork of Celestian
Agath of Thrunch [tAB.9]
Unholy Text of Asmodeus
anonymous [CoG card #18]
Vecna's Ineffable Variorum
Vecna [DR#225.49]
Wings for Mankind
anonymous [WGA2.12-13]
anonymous [UK2.22]
Wonderful Flying Inventions
anonymous [WGA2.12]
The Wye Canon (507 CY)
Jenkin Wye [DR#253.44-45]


The Fall of the Scarlet Brotherhood
Diambeth [WG8.46]


Ajax Wheelwright (Brego Hammerfist)
Several books of verse [WG8.37]
Anonymous, translation by Lysenko
Work on the development of intelligent life on Oerth [WG8.10]
Endoble Mistikmore
Books on gnome culture [WG12.57]
Henriki Ardand
Journal of his trip to the Rainbow Vale [GA.100]
Jaran Krimeeah
Book on the creation of chlorine gas [WG12]
Pontus Hardiggin
His memoirs [GA.101]
Tysiln San
Book of poetry [WG12.58]
Book of love poems about Jaran Krimeeah [WG12.57]

More to come eventually.

-Rob Bastard
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