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Re: Greytalk FAQ

Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 21:36:15 +0000
From: rjkuntz
Organization: Creations Unlimited
Subject: Re: [GREYTALK] Greytalk FAQ

Phil Rhodes wrote:
> At 02:50 PM 8/4/97 +0000, rjkuntz wrote:
> >Unanswerable?
> > 4.1 Who were the nine demigods imprisoned by Iuz?
> >***********************************************
> >
> >Jeez, Phil. I answered this already. And Gary would tell you the
> >same thing, of course. What do you need? Signed affadavits by the
> >Nine?
> In triplicate, signed in red ink (or preferably, blood), if you please.
> ; )
> Seriously, I put it in the 'Unanswerable' section because the
> answer you gave 'officially' (which is different from 'real')
> doesn't answer the question. That's because the 9 gods that
> were imprisoned in the original campaign were demigods, but
> later were moved to lesser/intermediate status. Here's the
> relevant section:
> “4.1 Who were the nine demigods imprisoned by Iuz?
> This, along with the canon question, has caused more debate on Greytalk
> and other forums than any other question. The gods imprisoned in the
> original Greyhawk campaign were revealed by EGG and Rob Kuntz to be
> Obad-Hai, Trithereon, Heironeous, Hextor, Iuz, Olidammara, Celestian,
> Ralishaz, and Erythnul. Note that these are *not* officially demigods; as
> the original campaign grew and the world was published, most ended up
> as lesser or intermediate gods.”
> I didn’t forget you had answered the question, but I was recognizing that
> the debate will go on because of differences in you and Gary’s campaign
> and the campaign represented in the 1983 Boxed Set.

This is my last post regarding the 9….

But, especially, referring to your last sentence, Phil, the point is not relevant. The question asks of Greyhawk Castle, _not_ of the Greyhawk Campaign. The Castle did have 9 demi-gods (as named) imprisoned within it. Robilar freed them; Gary moved them to the outdoor. _Then_ with the advent of the WoG boxed set, were they included (by design) as lesser and/or demi (whatever) gods. That story, and its counterparts, existed before the advent of TSR’s D&D rules in printed form, before any “official” printing of anything Greyhawk, and that is wherein the difference lies.

There are no semantics involved here actually, only creative backfilling on EGG’s part (ask him). And I truly consider further speculation on this subject as senseless, really. If one cannot accept what the real designers actually did in their pre-published campaign as their own canon, then there are castles in in the sky! Have a good chase : ) .

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