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Re: Computer game influence on 3e

Subject: Re: [GREYTALK] Computer game influence on 3e
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000 11:32:39 EST
From: Gary Welsh
Reply-To: The GREYtalk Discussion List

Doom_Bob the Many-Buckled Sorcerer and F@t Earl the Vorpal Cowboy (using new 3e prestige classes) took their henchmen deep into the catacombs of forty-nine arch-liches (in "Against the 49ers and Beyond"). From there they ventured through several Abyssal Gateposts, to kill off a few demon princes and night hag soul-merchants. But even these great heroes (who were not munchkins, by the way, and in fact resented the term) could have bad luck now and then. And when the tides of demon hordes turned against them, Doom_Bob frantically hit a button on his Keyboard of Manifold Powers, while shouting the command words:

"SAVE GAME! SAVE GAME!" Beads of sweat were running down his face. He pressed the button over and over again, but nothing happened. Something was terribly wrong.

"What is it?" F@t Earl shouted over his shoulder, as he barely kept the demon princes at bay.

"Lag! I can't believe it. We may die because of lag!" Doom_Bob cried out incredulously.

"That sucks," F@t Earl said. "If we die here, we'll have to start all the way back in the arch-liches' Hall of Phame. Quick, try ctrl-alt-delete."

Doom_Bob groaned. "I don't want to go through those levels again."

Just then, one of the larger demons (which had a randomly generated "broken" combo of powers), ripped F@t Earl 's head off with a critical hit. "Who's your Daddy!?!" it boomed in deep demonic voice, as it spiked F@t Earl's head off the smoking cave floor, doing a victory dance.

Doom_Bob backed away, whimpering. But there was nowhere to go.

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