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Gods of Greyhawk - Bleredd

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Subject: [GREYTALK] Gods of Greyhawk – Bleredd

From: “Todd O. Howard”

Bleredd (Lesser God) [Common]

AL: N (chaotic tendencies)
WAL: Any
WoC: Mines, Metal, and Smiths
SY: Hammer and Anvil

Bleredd is the god of metals of all sorts, but above all else he is God of the process of creation of metallic objects: the mining, refining, and eventually the crafting of them into various items. Priests of Bleredd may emphasize one of three aspects: mining (and refining), smithing (weaponsmithing and armoring), or crafting (blacksmithing, creation of jewelry, etching, and the like). Each sect emphasizes its aspect in the role of creating objects from base metals.

Priests of Bleredd must promote the use and production of various metals. In any case all are gifted in the production of various metallic objects which they sell to finance research into more exotic alloys, object designs, and the like. Services usually involve the heating of a forge to a chorus of voices, and music with bells, gongs and hammers. Most temples look more like a forge than a place of worship. Many are built near mines so as to minimize the transportation of ore to the forge.

Bleredd’s Avatar (Fighter 16)

Bleredd’s avatars are rarely seen, except when coming to Oerth to fashion some object of power or great beauty. They appear as a male of the race (human, half-elf, gnome, halfling, or elf) with a large build, and no-nonsense temperament.

Str: 21 Dex: 12 Con: 19
Int: 16 Wis: 15 Cha: 15
MV: 12 Sz: by race MR: 20% (60% to fire related spells)
AC: -5 or -1 HD: 16 HP: 152
AT: 2 or 3 THAC0: 0 Dmg: 1d4+5 (hammer) + 9

Special Attacks/Defenses: Bleredd’s avatars wear Plate Mail +4, a shield +4, and wield a hammer +4, smashing opponents into small pieces. Occasionally they will take up a second hammer instead of a shield (hence 3 attacks). The avatar also automatically saves versus fire attacks from any source (if his magic resistance fails). Rarely are they seen in combat, unless a major temple is threatened or a devout priest is in dire need. All of Bleredd’s avatars appear at a temple at least once a generation and fashion some object of great beauty, a magic weapon, or magic armor. Typically this is jewelry of a value not less than 10,000 gp or metallic weapons or armors of not less than +2, or other misc. magic items made of metal that are related to his nature (horseshoes of speed, for example).

Priests of Bleredd:

All priests must be neutral, although they may be neutral good, chaotic neutral, neutral evil, lawful neutral, or true neutral. A priest of Bleredd must belong to one of three sects: the Miners who are responsible for finding mining sites and mining and refining ore, the Crafters who are responsible for responsible for creating objects of beauty and practical use, and the Smiths who are responsible for forging metal weapons and armors. All priests must have a wisdom of 12. A wisdom of 16+ earns a +5% exp. award. Miners have no additional ability requirements (gaining the full +10% exp. from a 16+ wisdom) and gain the Mining NWP at no cost. Crafters must have a minimum strength of 12. A strength of 16+ earns an additional +5% exp. award. Crafters gain the Blacksmithing or Artistic Ability (Jeweler) NWP at no cost. Smiths must have a minimum intelligence of 12. An intelligence of 16+ earns an additional +5% exp. award. Smiths gain either the Armorer or Weaponsmith NWP at no cost. All priests must be male, and may be human, half-elf, elf, or gnome. Dwarfs also are occasionally drawn to Bleredd’s priesthood for various reasons. A priest may switch sects (providing they meet the attribute requirements) after advancing 3 levels in the sect he is currently in. He does *not* automatically gain the free NWP, but must first know it before he may join. A priest may attract followers any time after 6th level, which consist of two first level priests of the same sect, and one each from the other two sects. They may build a temple any time after reaching 11th level.

WA: as Cleric (hmmer 1st)
AR: any metal

Spells: They have major access to All, Combat, Creation, Elemental (fire), Guard, and Sun. They have minor access to Divination, Summoning, and Wards.

Powers: 1) +1/level when using NWP of order; 5) Repair magic armor and weapons (prof check required) 10) Create magic weapon or armor with a +1 bonus per 3 levels, up to +5; TU nil

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