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G’day everyone, especially Allan

Allan Wote:Sounds Great!!!!!!
I was just looking for a area to start my new game in.Reading your HS stuff has lit a few flames. I would really like any more info that your willing to send…….

I’m currently reviewing the Shield Lands and Horned Society based upon feed-back received from people on Greytalk- thanks especial. So far I haven’t used the Horned Society in my campaign but the PCs are about to get embroiled in a HS plot in the Tangles. In my s I’ve finished) basically the HS have captured about 5 of the BKs are are trying to take over the rest but Iuz is opposing them, I envision a lot of PC involvement in this area and also intend for the PCs to support the Shadow Claw hobgoblins in the Fellreev full scale war in the forest it may distract the Hierarchs and give the SLs breathing space they need to build up their army – but
Here is some of the stuff I’m working on so you get an idea of what the Hierarchs are up to. The power struggles in the BKs could babbly herald the start of my version of the Greyhawk Wars.

Recent Events in the Bandit Kingdoms

In recent years the Hierarchs of the Horned Society have made inroads into the Bandit Kingdoms. Originally the Hierarchs were cone aid of Warfield, Wormhall, Kor and Freehold in their upcoming campaign against the Rovers of the Barrens. However after Tenhesse aid their brethren. This upset the unnamed Hierarch who ordered a retaliatory strike against the holds of Wormhall and Warfields. The following spring Horned Society troops engaged the gathered might of the bandits, who had united to reclaim the two lost holdsnidit army captured the Hold of Kor. A peace treaty was then signed between the two sides which recognised gains of the Horned Soci About the same time an important event took place in Molag. Hierarch Helvag, Overseer of Espionage and Subservice Activities was the assassin). Artimus quickly decided upon a change of tactics in the Societies dealings with the bandits: instead of takinit holds and have over the past few years swayed several of the rulers to their cause; other rulers who have been outspoken agains more sympathetic rulers chosen to replace the deceased. Today (circa 581-582) the Horned Society, or their puppets, rule six of
The Bandit Kingdoms and other Nations
Most of the Bandit Kings see the nearby states as potential targets and actively engage in raiding and looting against them. Tenhengage in raiding further a field. Both Furyondy and Nyrond have also been struck by the raids of ambitious bandits. None of these editions against the bandits.
In the past the chaotic and independent nature of the Bandit lords was their greatest strength. No one ruler was strong enough toe to conquer the region for the bandits would always united against an outside aggressor. However in recent years there has been a he bandit kingdoms. Today the chaotic nature of the area could prove to be their downfall?
Horned Society
Until recently the bandits enjoyed friendly relations with the Horned Society. Bandits from the western holds frequented the peascted between the rulers of the holds and the Horned Society. This friendship came to an end in 578 CY (see Recent Events above) anthe might of Iuz. In 578 CY the Horned Society and Iuz signed a non-aggression treaty so that each state could pursue their own ihave been actively trying to increase their influence in the Bandit Kingdoms. In recent years several of the western Bandit KingdoY) and Reyhu (581 CY); while four or five others are sympathetic to the Society. Each year the influence of the Society grows in t the growing influence of the Society, and the threat to their freedom that it represents. The Plar of Rookroost and his allies arIuz
The influence of Iuz is also growing in the Bandit Kingdoms. The alliance between Iuz and the Horned Society has stopped the plangdoms Iuz too has been sending agents into the region in an effort to check the expansion of his ally. His spies have found favour or may not be part of a plan on the behalf of Iuz to embroil the Horned Society into a war for domination in the Bandit Kingdoms-or Iuz to strike and get rid of his ally?
The Duke of Tenh, Enyeh III has launched several campaigns against the eastern lds and in 578 CY ceded Grosskopf. However the f Artonsamay, was soon lost. The Duke however still has ambitions in the area and seeks to build a buffer state west of the ArtonsaShield Lands
The Shield Lands are often the target for bandit raids. The Shield Landers keep a close eye on their borders with the bandit kingbandits, capturing Redhand in the spring of 579 CY whilst the bandits were busy fighting the Horned Society in Kor. It was this inn their attention to this new threat. The following year the Shield Landers captured the hold of Reyhu forcing Tyrant Celdros to fits.
At present the Bandit Kingdoms are wracked with internal dissent and are facing renewed threats from many quarters: but especiallyand (financially) to their allies to hasten the demise of the Bandit Kingdoms.

The people of the Bandit Kingdoms are of mixed origin. Over the centuries successive waves of invaders in the region have left thme Baklunish blood is also present. Because of the variety in ancestry the peoples of the region have almost any skin or hair col When most people hear the name the Bandit Kingdoms they assume that all the people of the region are bandits. This is far from thlly 40% if the regions population are serfs and slaves forced to work for the various war lords and rulers of the region- many of le business. Other inhabitants of the region work the land when they can and take up banditry to make ends meet ad to provide forLanguage
Common is the most commonly spoken language in the kingdoms but in the eastern regions Flan is almost as popular. Due to the numBaklundish, the Cold Tongue or any one of the many other languages of the Flanaess spoken here.
There are few demi-humans native to the Bandit Kingdoms. A few tribes of elves are thought to inhabit both Fellreev Forest and Ph and they also avoid contact with the bandits. There are some demi-human outlaws amongst the bandit armies, and they sometimes ris inhabitants.

A wide variety of evil deities are worshipped in the Bandit Kingdoms. There are many temples and shrines dedicated to the evil deh the ruler’s of the regions blessing.
Iuz: The worship of Iuz is strongest in Rookroost as it is here that many of his clerics are currently operating. A temple to the Hextor: Hextor has a large following amongst the bandits.

Nerull: Nerull’s influence is also on the rise, especially in areas controlled, or allied to, the Horned Society. Like the clergy Beltar: Another god popular with the bandits.
Erythnul: Erythnul also enjoys popularity in the Bandit Kingdoms.

Trade and commerce
The Bandit Kingdoms conduct little (legitimate) trade. Apart from silver deposits in Rift Canyon the area has few natural resources route, which skirts the ogre infested Bluff Hills and the notoriously dangerous Griff Mountains before ending in Vlekstaad, is l Society and then onwards to Dorakaa, while the other trail heads south to Riftcrag and then to Stoink.
The bandits much prefer raiding and plundering nearby states to conducting legitimate trade so many of the rulers rely on this ratcts with brigands, thieves guilds and desperadoes in most nearby lands. As well as allowing illegal goods to filter into the Bandipunitive raids against the holds.

Armed Forces
Most of the information in this section was taken from Dragon No. 56. Each of the bandit kings maintains a small army. The Horned Society is currently building up it’s forces in the holds they have cavarious rulers

Kingdom Ruler Cavalry Infantry Humanoids
Warfields Horned Society 300 500
Wormhall Horned Society 150 400 100 Gnolls
100 hobgoblins
Freehold Horned Society 350 800 1,000 hobgoblins
Kor Horned Society 400 600 500 hobgoblins
Tangles Horned Society 200 550 500 hobgoblins
Rift Plar Lintoff (T13) 150 350 200 Gnolls
50 Bugbears
10 Ogres
Artonsmay Duke Nebon Gellor (F 9) 250 250
Stoink Boss Dhaelhy (F 8/T 200 650
Dimre Szek Winvid (C 10) 300 500
Johrase King Seinon (F 11) 350 550
Midlands Graf Venholtee (C5/F7) 200 450
Greenkeep Lord Yanboli (he F5/M5/T5) 150 600
Rookroost Plar Teuod Fent (I9) 250 450
Fellands Avaerd, Lord Despot (F10) 300 850 100 Orcs
Grosskopf Baron Skiven (F11) - 300 50 Orcs

Factions within the Bandit Kingdoms
There are several factions operating within the Bandit Kingdoms, some of which will now be briefly touched upon. It must be rememHorned Society and Allies
Tangles, Freehold, Wormhold, Warfields and Kor. These five holds are now firmly under the control of the Horned Society and are coiron fist. It is rumoured that Gudrun is planning a campaign soon that may decide the fate of the Bandit Kingdoms once and for all The holds of Fellands and Johrase are rumoured to be in league, or at least sympathetic with the Horned Society. However both theying to gain their support.

Rookroost and Allies
Rookroost is the strongest supporter for Iuz in the Bandit Kingdoms. Iuz is secretly providing Plar Fent with much money which he lands, Greenkeep, Rookroost, Groskopf (the latter due to Rookroost’s aid in restoring Baron Skiven to his old following the recends will surely follow.

Southern Holds
Rift, Artonsamay, Stoink, Dimre
The rulers of these four holds have united against the threat from the Knights of the Holy Shielding. Traditionally the rulers otrying to recruit both these rulers in his coalition but there is long standing animosity between Fent and Plar Lintoff ruler ohey will send troops to aid Fent in the near future, unless they can be convinced that the Shield Lands plan no invasion in the ne
Knights of the Holy Shielding
In recent years the Knights of the Holy Shielding have invaded the two southern most holds, Kor and Reyhu. The success of both the Rift or Artonsamay (the latter being a combined operation in conjunction with troops from the County of Ursnst). Earl Holmer and t frontier so it is unlikely that such an offensive will be sanctioned in the near future.

Cities, Towns and villages
Rrookroost (population 17,310) is the largest city in the Bandit Kingdoms and is the capital of the hold of the same name. The h trade between Stonefist and the bandits. The taverns, inns, drug dens and brothels of Rookroost, although not quite as decadent oeps a sizeable militia.
Fent despises the Hierarchs of the Horned Society and it is he who is trying to organize an anti- Horned Society coalition amongst even more paranoid that he usually is.
Recently a temple dedicated to Iuz was opened in Rookroost and the Iuzite priests are said to be helping Fents troops in their ines guild known as the Shadow Masks).

Riftcrag (population 5,600) lies on a spur overlooking the Rift Canyon. This fortified town is said to be virtually impregnable alls of the town fall away several thousand feet to the rift below, and the views offered from the walls of the town are said to be Riftcrag is ruled by Plar Lintoff, a gregarious former adventurer and thief. The hold is independent and although Lintoff opposesng inn Fent’s coliation.

The town of Stoink (population 4,200) is the third largest settlement in the Bandit Kingdoms. The town, and hold of the same name, and some legitimate trade is conducted between Stoink and the nearby County of Urnst and Nyrond. Although some of this trade is i
Villages of the Bandit Kingdoms
Most villages have a population of 250-300. Almost all villages are protected by earthen ramparts and palisade. Many of the villagvilagers barely make a living off the land so some turn to banditry to support themselves. Others are peaceful men and women who om throughout the Flanaess who come here to build themselves their own little empire.
Most villagers have basic amenities – a tavern, a blacksmith, a cooper, miller, etc. and perhaps a temple or church (which is usualpoor and barter, or theft, is often the dominant form of trade.
The villagers of the Bandit Kingdoms tend to be clannish and unfriendly towards outsiders.

Places of Interest
Artonsamay River

The Artonsamay is one of the longest rivers in the Flanaess. For much of it’s length the river forms the northern and western borits and the Rovers of the Barrens but with the decline of the Rovers the bandits now claim all the forest. The Artonsamay is a widers of the river.

Bluff Hills
The Bluff Hills form the northern boundary of bandit lands. The hills are claimed by both Groskopf and Fellands but in truth neillgiants. There are also persistent rumours of the dwarven settlement in the heart of the hills but the bandits have never found th
Fellreev Forest
Much of Fellreev Forest is untamed wilderness. The forest is claimed by both the Horned Society and the Bandit Kingdoms but neithen of the wood has tightene and they are using the forest trails to infiltrate the bandit kingdoms. There are several communitieshe forest is claimed, and controlled by the Shadow Claws, an independent hobgoblin tribe. Society patrols seldom penetrate far int elves in living deep in the woods and the avoid all contact with hobgoblins, bandits and woodsmen.

Fields of the Dead (Warfields)
Most of the area claimed as sovereign territory by Warfields are more commonly known as the Fields of the Dead. These fields strette of several major battles. It is said that the bones of the dead lie scattered across the plains and that there are numerous bur keep located deep in the heart of the fields that is ruled by a lich. Several bands of adventurers have searched for this keep bu Although all the area is claimed by Warfields the only settlement in the area lie on the areas northern fringe and all are prote
Most of Phostwood is claimed by Tenh. The bandits however often use secret trails in the forest on their way to raid deep into Tenaiders.

Rift Canyon
Rift Canyon lies in the bandlands between the Shield Lands and the Bandit Kingdoms. The canyon is over 180 miles in length and 30 ms. Attempts by Shield Land troops to clear the canyon have always met with fierce resistance from the inhabitants and the troops h There are rumours of an ancient city, of unknown origin, located somewhere in the Rift. The city is known is by scholars as Ak- klundish stronghold, others say that the inhabitants were of Suel descent, while a others still claim that the inhabitants of the claimed came from an ancient cliff side ruin in a blind canyon near the rift. The adventurers said that they encountered undead in .

The Tangles is claimed by the hold of the same name. The Tangles are rugged and dense forest. The underbrush is thick and impenet into the depths of the forest as it is home to a number of owlbears and these creatures most from venturing too far into theA few villages of hardy gnomes live in secluded glades in the southern stretches of the forest. The gnomes are shy and reclusive by humanoid attacks.

Zumker River
The Zumker River is a tributary of the Artonsamay and it forms the boundary between the Bandit Kingdoms and Tenh. There are no brch raids into Tenh.

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