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Re: merchant routes

Subject: Re: [GREYTALK] merchant routes
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 16:57:29 -0700
From: Chris Anderson
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But it wasn't always this way. Before the Naelax line, Aerdy was a thriving kingdon, and that would include roads, in my thinking. Not to mention that if you have a far-flung empire (remember that Furyondy was their western border), you need some method of travel in that empire, even if it's only for troops.

And that doesn't count trade routes between the major areas of Aerdy. I think that the Great Kingdom absolutely has to have roads and trade routes, even if they're left over from previous regimes.

Roads don't go away. Neither do trade routes, no matter what Ivid may say officially.

Chris Anderson

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> I think the map is closer to accurate than you think. In Ivid The Undying and I will quote
> " Foreign coinage (provincial coinage is not regarded as foreign) is not accepted in Aerdy outside of the eastern fringe lands where trade is still conducted with foreign nations, such as the Twin Cities, Rel
> Astra, Ountsy, etc. Also, it is accepted in a few parts of Ahlissa where piracy brings foreign gold into the land. In lands where such coin is accepted, it is devalued by 5-20% (5x1d4) for the purpose of purchasing goods or exchange for Aerdy coin. The one exception is the Sea Barons, who
> accept foreign coins with an exchange penalty of only 2%.
> In some areas of Aerdy coinage is not accepted at all, or goods are scarce and expensive; the gazetteer chapters give details."
> I would think that after such a conflict the current government would not try to keep foriengers out, Ivid is a lunitic probly thinking "hey foreigner actually means spy's. There fore I must keep the spy's out of
> the cities so the enemy will not know the size of my army's. That way they won't attack".
> I really don't think that having a road would help too much in a case such
> as that.
> Just my 2 cents
> John
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> >Patrice "Fountain of Info" Forno wrote about road maps:
> >>There is an article in GHBest #9 about trade roads in eastern flanaess by QSamantha.
> >>>I stumbled upon a map drawn by someone (frankly I don't know by whom...shame on me)that details the major routes of the Flannaes.
> >>You can find it at
> >
> >I looked at the road map at Manzabar's site again after reading this, and was dismayed to see that the map must be incomplete. I find it inconceivable that the Great Kingdom has NO roads in it! Surely, the empire that once spanned the Flanaess would not have built only roads in its
> tributaries, and I also refuse to accept that roads were a recent invention, and the Great Kingdom just doesn't have them yet. The eastern half of the Flanaess should be criss-crossed with long, straight roads.
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> >IMO the map is both incomplete and non canon.
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