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Aerdi Overkings, version 2.0

Date: Fri, 06 Aug 99 01:05AM PDT
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Subject: [GREYTALK] Aerdi Overkings, version 2.0

Ok, it's been a while since I first posted this, but, well, here's version 2, after learing of another potential Overking from some Ravenloft novel (see the footnotes) and a suggestion or two from a certain lurking individual who goes by the name of Gary Holian (who REALLY ought to post).

Comments and suggests (espically about changing some of the names) are welcomed and encouraged.

Aerdi Overkings

1 CY 32 CY Nasran Cradnen [1]
32 CY 66 CY Serrand Cranden
66 CY 75 CY Tenmeris Cranden [2]
75 CY 86 CY Yalranda Cranden [3]
86 CY 95 CY Manshen Rax-Nyrond [4]
95 CY 122 CY Erhart I Rax-Nyrond [5]
122 CY 136 CY Toran I Rax-Nyrond
136 CY 181 CY Erhart II Rax-Nyrond [6]
181 CY 213 CY Jirenen Rax-Nyrond
213 CY 247 CY Corazell Rax-Nyrond
247 CY 286 CY Edron Rax-Nyrond [7]
286 CY 301 CY Toran II Rax-Nyrond
301 CY 305 CY Erhart III Rax-Nyrond
305 CY 329 CY Toran III Rax-Nyrond
329 CY 355 CY Toran IV Rax-Nyrond
355 CY 396 CY Portillan Rax(-Nyrond) [8]
396 CY 404 CY Galren Rax [9]
404 CY 407 CY Sonnend Rax [10]
407 CY 419 CY Montand Rax
419 CY 436 CY Grendemmen Rax
436 CY 437 CY Nalif Rax [11]
437 CY 446 CY Inserruction - No Overking
446 CY 494 CY Ivid I Naelex [12]
494 CY 497 CY Ivid II Naelex [13]
497 CY 526 CY Ivid III Naelex
526 CY 556 CY Ivid IV Naelex
556 CY present Ivid V Naelex [14]

[1] Ivid the Undying - First Overking, crowned in 1 CY.
[2] Ivid the Undying - Grandson of Nasran, died in 75 CY, and was succeeded by his wife, Yalranda.
[3] Ivid the Undying - Only Overqueen. Wife of Tenmeris. Lived to be only 40.
[4] Ivid the Undying - Eldest son of Yalranda, took the last name Rax-Nyrond.
[5] Dragon 230 "The Orbs of Dragonkind" - was on the throne in 98 CY.
[6] It stands to reason that since there was an Erhart I, there needs to be an Erhart II somewhere in here.
[7] Apparently, the Ravenloft novel "King of the Dead", which I don't own, seems to indicate that there was someone named Edron as Overking in the year 283 CY.
[8] Ivid the Undying - Was on the throne at the time of Nyrond s rebellion.
[9] Ivid the Undying - Son and heir to Portillan. A half-wit.
[10] Ivid the Undying - Son and heir to Galren. A drunkard.
[11] Ivid the Undying - Last Rax Overking, assassinated (presumably) by Ivid I.
[12] Ivid the Undying - First Naelex Overking. Ruled for 48 years.
[13] Ivid the Undying - Ruled for 3 years.
[14] Ivid the Undying - Became the Overking in 556 CY. Fifth Naelex Overking.

Rax/Rax-Nyrond - The 83 boxed set clearly states that it was house Rax that sat on the throne. Ivid the Undying states that it was Rax-Nyrond. I'd chalk this up to a Sargent error, but, it actually serves a purpose. The '83 boxed set also states that three houses ruled prior to House Naelex, so, if we count Rax and Rax-Nyrond as two different houses, and assume that starting with Overking Portillan, the -Nyrond was dropped to distance the remaining scions of House Rax from their rebellious junior branch, we get three houses. Incidentally, that d make Portillan the last Rax-Nyrond
Overking, and the first Rax Overking.

Taras Guarhoth

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