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Re: [GREYTALK] Ogre-mage PCs

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Multi-What Orcs

Me Ug much keen on big-level orcs and orc friends
Good little orc to big orc train rules in DQ by TSR
DQ much just recently re-published (big word Eh!) by TSR orc clan this year
Also called Dragonquest
What dork orc quest for dragon?
Much dangerous but 'spose some that dumb - good treasure tho.

Me suggest you allow - use DQ rules - Good!
Or use Earthdawn rules - much gooder!
Earthdawn even have class of orc called "Liberator"
Liberator orcs real fun. Each time hur they save up damage.
When damage bank full and orcs seek freedom - watch out!
Special attack by liberator can deal all slavery damage back at you!

Best to use on snotty elfs

Me think that orcs in ADandD should advance (nice pronounce Eh?) at 1.5 cost
of normal fighter.
Me think this 'cause orcs have big groups of friends and novelty/shock of
BIG orcs should surpass player.
OROGS also big orcs - lots of levels.
You maybe use orog rules in Monstrous Compendium

ICE and Runequest also advance ork. Much big Uruk-Hai!
Ork MERP/Rolemaster ork pay some penalty 1.2 times xp.
This makes orcs sad but rule makes sense 'cause orcs much strong than ADD orc
and good sissy spelly things too.

You read/play any above for BIG orc rules - much fun. Just change to Greyhawk (nice birdie - Yum)

BIG orcs make sense but not whole tribes. Suggest 1 in 1,000 big orc - like adventurers.

Ug also like big Hobgoblins - especially ties to stake (Heh!). They logical
to advance too as are any half-breed.
Ug pure breed (much proud).

Hope this help

Ug the Eloquent
Sponsored by the "Ug for Pope" campaign CY 598

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