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Fountainspring Newsletter #2

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Subject: [GREYTALK] [FS] Fountainspring Newsletter #2

TO ALL FS PROJECT MEMBERS (and other interested parties)!!!!!
When sending in ideas for discussion please send copies to all other members (and possibly even to the Greytalk list). My current list of interested people follows:

leckert@erols.com Lonny
manzabar@avalon.net Me
nemesis@magpage.com Jason Zavoda
tony@dirac.demon.co.uk Tony Nixon
silvio.marghitola@ubs.com Silvio Marghitola
stanguay@GLOBETROTTER.QC.CA Stephane Tanguay
eflison@blue.weeg.uiowa.ed dek aka Eric Filson
hzhryc@fle.gmpt.gmeds.com Kevin Murphy
orion_the_hunter”@juno.com Greg
akamp@avalon.net Adam

Anybody who thinks they still need some of the current FS files, please:

a) Visit the site As soon as anything it set/decided, I generally have it posted by the end of that week.
b) Let me know. I can and will e-mail any files that people need upon their request.

The Secret Location of Fountainspring??????

This was the last suggested location, and the most detailed. Any objections to making it our pfficail location?

-From Patrice Forno
Sometime ago, peoples here were asking about where Fountainspring could be. In AoE p 167, Fountainspring is said to be 1 day on horseback to the north of Littleberg. That is, IMO, around 40 miles north of Littleberg, so I would place Fountainspring in hex P4-87 of the Darlene Map.

Current projects:

The history of FS – Kevin Murphy
The guilds of FS – Kevin Murphy
Preisthoods of FS – Tony Nixon & dek
Current events – Stephane Tanguay

Current Discussions:

Fountainspring: Artiesan well, hot spring. Was it real or was it magic?
- Is the spring from which FS draws it’s name really some type of well, hot spring heated by magma flows, or a hot spring heated by some form of magic?
Magic: Well done, medium well, or rare?
- How much magic is there in FS, and how does the populace react to it?
Preisthoods: Is less really more?
- How many priesthoods does FS have? And what do you need to have, to be called a priesthood?

Questions still plaguing us:

How was Fountainspring founded? Who discovered the artiesan well? How did they find it? Why did they name the town after it?
What famous visitors has the town had? Why were they there? Were they recognized by any of the town’s inhabitants? Are they related to any of the town’s inhabitants? Do any personages of note have secret (or not so secret) homes in Fountainspring? None of the locations with in Fountainspring have really been detailed to any extent, so feel free to design some of the buildings, taverns, blacksmith shops, etc..

Till next, happy plotting!
-Mark McKibben manzabar@avalon.net

“Well, you just have to know these things, when you’re a king, you know.”

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