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Yaklar's Elves; Ghaldom

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Ghaldom Fae {Elvish Tribes}

Role: The Great Weaver created the Ghaldom to guard the wild areas of the forest and glade. Just as the Droltain (Dwarves, Gnomes and 1/2lings) have thrived in their environment, so too have the Ghaldoman people flourished in the wild lands. This race has divided into six different sub cultures or tribes referred to as Fae.

The Tallor Fae are only a scattered remnant of the most magickal Fae of the Ghaldom. The only True Elves, with pointed ears, red hair and golden eyes, traits which dominate any racial mix. A true blood Tallor Fae stands about 6'5" to 7' tall as well. The Tallor Fae were believed to be lost after the City of Nimril was destroyed by some cataclysm. Now only the occasional half-breed will show some of the great power once wielded by this noble Fae.

Skills associated with the Tallor Fae are as follows:
General: Gem Crafting, Metal Working, Weapon Crafting.
Combat: Long Blades (Swords), Long Spears.
Majikal: Prime Element: Spirit Base Element: Fire

The Talath Fae are the most common members of the Fae who control the Blood Wood. Often referred to as Halflings, Gnomes, Brownies, Dryads, Nymphs or simply the Folk. Typically, not standing over 4' tall with dark hair and eyes of deep green or brown the Tallath Fae are the most social of all the Ghaldoman sub cultures.

Skills associated with the Talath Fae are as follows:
General: Cooking, Dancing, Seduction, Camouflage, Wood Lore, Mining
Combat: Blades, Pole Arms, Bows, Small Projectiles (Stones, Darts, etc )
Majikal: Prime Element: Spirit Base Element: Earth

The Maenal Fae are winged Ghaldom who inhabit the Feather Spur Mountains near
the Blood Wood. Usually the Maenal stand between 4' and 6' tall. White hair is
common as are feathers. Feathered wings vary, usually they extend at least equal
to the height of the individual who uses them.

Skills associated with the Maenal Fae are as follows:
General: Aerial Maneuvering, Acrobatics, Musical Instrument, Scouting, Hunting.
Combat: Aerial Combat, Blades, Bows, Pole Arms, Unarmed Combat.
Majikal: Prime Element: Spirit Base Element: Air

The Gaer Fae are aquatic residents of the Tumorn Inlet. This Aquatic variation of the Ghaldom often appears as Nerids or Merfolk. Sporting hair colors as varied as their home waters typically the skin coloration is similar shades.

Skills associated with the Gaer Fae are as follows:
General: Swimming, Aquatic Maneuvering, Boating, Boat Wright, Signaling
Combat: Aquatic Combat, Pole Arms, Blades.
Majikal: Prime Element: Spirit Base Element: Water

The Tar Fae are the elders of the Ghaldom. Living in Maelaar, capitol of the
Blood Wood, all of the various Fae have representatives among the Tar Fae. The Tar Fae act as Lore Masters for their respective tribe. Typically each member of the Tar Fae have a specific field of expertise in which they excel. If ever anyone requires lore the most valuable source besides the Mirlatus are the Tar Fae.

Being a subset of all the existing tribes of Ghaldom the skills possessed by
the Tar Fae are for the most part typical to their individual tribe with the
exception of their specific field in which they have spent their life studying.

Skills associated with the Tar Fae are as follows:
General: Any Lore at +1 level, Other as per tribal suggestion.
Combat: Typically none. On occasion Small Blades, Bows or as per Tribal list.
Majikal: As per tribe.

The Khemir Fae or The Fallen or Lost Ones is made up of any member of the
Ghaldom that renounce the Ghaldoman Traditions. The most recent of the various
tribes to appear, these free souls range from criminals to adventurers out to
see the world for the first time. Many of the other Ghaldom blame the influence
of the Human races o their young for this groups recent departure from the Traditions.

This tribe is actually another subset of the entire Ghaldom race. Just as the
Tar Fae represent the best of the Ghaldoman Traditions, the Khemir Fae represent the less desirable traits in Ghaldoman Society. These individuals will still be the typical Ghaldom of the appropriate tribe but will have some trait which kept them from fitting into the fabric of Ghaldom life.

Unbridled curiosity, use of Necrose {the 'Dark Side'}, refusal to follow the
Traditions or even some true criminal behavior have caused the expulsion of the
individual from their tribe.

Skills associated with the Khemir Fae are as follows:
General: As per Tribe, Disguise, Burglary, Lock Picking, Stealth, Guile
Combat: As per Tribe, Assassination Skills, Ambush
Majikal: Prime Element: Any Base Element: As per tribe.

I have more but have to find it first. All this should be easily translated for
AD&D use. Feel free to modify, comment or, yes, even rant. I was about 19 when i
began to develop this race and the system in which to run them.

As for the R.Jordan stuff. Well it's probably in the same place with the Ghaldom
history and stuff. I'll let everyone know when i find it.

Hey, Mr. Casper, I'm working on that Yakman DMD for you >};^)

Later all,
Yaklar, High Priest and Wanna be World Maker...
Questions? Comments? Complaints? Conspiracy Theories?

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