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Re: The Haughtiness of Elves

Date: Sun, 05 Dec 99 10:31AM PST
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Subject: Re: [GREYTALK] The Haughtiness of Elves

Hi again!

Gary Welsh wrote:
>It is interesting to hear people's different takes on the elves. Here is my take on the haughtiness of
>elves, particularly in regards to the grey elves of Celene. First, put yourself in their shoes:

I'd rather not. I've been biting my tongue, trying to avoid the urge to rip on elves again. Can't...resist...

>You are an elf.


>You have lived in Celene your entire life, which is several centuries. You are a grey elf. By your
>race's standards, you are in your early middle years.
>You can expect to live another thousand years.

Not likely. Sure, their bodies can theoretically hold out for centuries, but the woosies are more likely to die from the pain if they stub their toe.

>Many of the dwellings in Celene have been carefully >crafted, built, and even grown for many milleniums.

Lawful dwarves have carefully constructed dwellings, millenia in the making. Chaotic elves have slap-dash houses, thrown together in as much time as they can concentrate on one thing, which isn't long. After a while they tire of that dwelling and move on to another.

>[snip]Now really you have nothing *against* these humans -- most of them are ignorant, not evil -- but
>you do not want them in your backyard.

Not that there's anything elves can do about it. At least it's a step up from getting pushed around by kobolds.

>[more snips]That is my take on the attitude of a typical Celenese elf. There is nothing the slightest
>bit evil in there, just a bit of snobbery and isolationism.

The fact that a race so obnoxious could be so snobbish makes me hate them with a passion. That's why I take such an extreme approach. Elves don't get to be snobs because they're nothing but worthless slave stock, to be killed and eaten when any race wants a light snack.

>Also, Celene isn't racist -- its populace is made up of grey elves, wood elves, gnomes, halflings, half-
>elves and humans. There are humans and half-elves in the Celenese military forces. People seem to forget that Celene is *not* an isolationist country of grey
>elves -- it *is* an isolationist country of several races, whose monarch is an elf.

That's an excellent point, and may make Celene easier for me to swallow. The gnomes, halflings, and humans probably are the true rulers of Celene, with the elves being their slaves. The queen is probably a figure-head only, appointed by the other races just to mock the elves.

>[more snips]Those who try get into Celene uninvited are targeted with Sleep, Charm and Forget spells, and then are harmlessly deposited in the forest outside
>the kingdom's borders. Those that persist disappear...

But only if they are low level. Mid-level PCs resist the Sleep spells, make their saves against the other spells, and target the elves by the sound of their spell-casting.

Scott "Volstagg" Casper

Yak-Men serve elf buffet-style...

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