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Bleredd for RQ/Greyhawk

Gods of the Bakluni


Runes: Earth, Heat, Stasis

Tai Meta [talmeta@BELLATLANTIC.NET] Friday, October 02, 199811:50 PM

[GREYTALK] DMD - Bleredd for RQ/Greyhawk

Bleredd is the god of metals, mines, and smiths. He is the son of Zaan and Selan, and brother to Jaahar.

Cult in the World

Bleredd is the Forgemaster; it is said that there is no metal he cannot temper.

Unlike most of his brothers, Bleredd sought a mate outside of his lands, returning with the lovely Ulaa, goddess of gems (to the envy of his sister, Jaahar, who has  similar interests).

Bleredd's followers hold the 5th of Ready'reat as their Holiest of Days, with lesser holidays on the 5th and 22nd of each month. Bleredd's temples differ from most in that they are built of quarried stone, but boast a hammered metal shell that encases the rock.

Bleredd's priests wear simple blacksmith's garb, though generally somewhat finer and better kept than actual work-wear.

Lay Membership

Requirements: Blredd's faith appeals mainly to miners, smiths, and others who work with metal. 

Apprentices of such trades are commonly found among the lay membership.

Skills taught by the cult include Craft (all smithcraft), Evaluate, Mineral Lore, World Lore, Devise, Search, Ceremony, and Hammer attack.

Initiate Membership

Reqyirements: Standard. Initiates of this cult are commonly found as journeymen in their trades,  though in sparesely populated areas they can command the same prices as masters.

Spirit Magic:  Bludgeon, Extinguish, Heat Metal, Ignite, Mighty Blow


Requirements:  Standard. Bleredd's pristhood are all master smiths, mine foremen, and the like.

Sought out for their quality goods, Blredd's priesthood is among the

wealthiest in the regions that it dominates. Virtues for his followers include: Creative, Proud, Social and Stubborn.

Common Divine Magic:  all

Special Divine Magic:  Enchant (metal), Enhance (Gustbran, Mahome), Sure Hammer

Associated Gods

Ulaa: provides Command Gnome

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