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Church of Pelor: Part One

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This is specifically  for Samwise of Pelor who threatened me with a crusade if I kept up.

I fear you not sir, for who would brave the Undercity of Greyhawk to seek me out?

Here it is, part one of the Church of Pelor:

Pelor is the god of the Sun, light, healing, and strength. The Sun is his home and domain. Pelor is the patron of healers and physicians, as well as warriors. The earliest Flani pictographs show Pelor as a lion surmounted by a sundisk. They saw him as a gigantic lion headed being who strode the world protecting the weak, healing the sick, and wrestling with the forces of evil and darkness. He was a being of awesome strength and profound gentleness. The twin symbols of the sundisk and lion are still used in some of Pelor's places of worship.

In holy visions, Pelor is seen as a huge lion headed titan with fur and skin the color of spun gold. His eyes are blazing orbs of light, and his roar deafening. He is rarely clad in anything more than a simple kilt of while cloth, and sandals. He often bears no more than an unremarkable (though befitting his size) staff of wood. But in times of battle and anger his visage and demeanor alter drastically. In battle, Pelor dons the full regalia of war. It is then that he wields Renwheot, the mighty Sun-Lance, and bears the Sundisk shield. Gold is his breastplate and mail and fierce is his wrath. In war he rides forth in his great sun chariot drawn by seven huge fiery winged horses.

Pelor's clergy is divided into several distinct sects. There are six clerical orders of priestly physicians and healers, sponsoring three holy orders of warriors. The clerical orders are, the Order of the Scions of Light, the Order of Saint Delsin, the League of the Healing Hand, the Golden Order of the Heavenly Torch, the Faithful Order of Saint Pillan, and the Divine Order of the Radiant Sun. The fighting orders are the Order of the Knights of the Sun, the Lions of Pelor, and the Order of the Knights of the Temple of Light (also called the Lightbearers).

The members of the Order of Saint Delsin are monastic pacifist physicians. Their temples are hospitals where the sick and injured are  tended regardless of their race, alignment, or religion. Hospitals of Saint Delsin can be found in Gorna in the Grand Duchy of Geoff, Flen in western Keoland, Jurnre in the County of Ulek, and at Redspan in the Duchy of Tenh. Their vows prohibit the members of the Order from using any sort of weapon or harmful magic. All members of the Order are trained in unarmed self-defense. Adherents of the Order wear simple garb, usually plain white robes and simple sandals. Both males and females of the Order shave their heads and are marked by a sundisk tattoo upon their brows. The symbol of the Order of Saint Delsin is a kirin's horn. Priests of the Order have been known to follow armies into battle to care for the wounded, but this order does not specifically sponsor any of the fighting orders.

The Faithful Order of Saint Pillan is an order of wandering itinerant healers. The Faithful Order has a very strict code of conduct. They may only treat a person or creature if such an act would not bring harm or suffering to others. And they may never ask for payment for their services. They may accept a gratuity but never demand one. They may not strike any being, save in self-defense, and are strictly prohibited from killing. They are allowed to pick up a weapon only if imperiled by some grave danger and may never use baneful magics. But the members of the Faithful Order are versed in unarmed combat, and know well how to defend themselves. The Faithful Order is very loosely organized. A single monastery, the Rock of Saint Pillan, in the Bluff Hills near the Duchy of Tenh (Hex L3-52), trains novices and serves as a retreat for aged or  weary members of the Order. Members of the Faithful Order are welcome in most lands, save the Pale  where they are cruelly persecuted. Typical raiment for members of the order is a rough brown robe,  a satchel of herbs and medicines, and a yellow, brim-less felt cap. Outside  of the single monastery the members of the order are mendicants. Any payments received for their services are usually distributed among the poor. The symbol of the Faithful Order of Saint Pillan is a sun rising out of/over a wooden begging bowl.

The Scions of Light are also a wandering order of healers. But unlike the followers of Saint Pillan, the Scions are charged to aid any creature in need. But they may demand and exact payment for their services. The Scions are allowed to defend themselves or others less able in any fashion they  deem necessary. They have no strictures against killing if it is the only alternative. The Scions are trained in unarmed martial arts, wrestling, and the use of the bo stave, weighted rope, manriki [weighted chain], rante [whipping chain], and kawanaga [grappling hook]. The traditional garb of the Scions consists of loose, but sturdy tunic and pantaloons of dun or buff colored cloth, sturdy leather boots dyed ochre, a wide belt of red dyed cloth, and a yellow, brim-less felt cap, similar to those worn by the Faithful Order of Saint Pillan, but with a white border. They also typically bear a canvas satchel for medicines and herbs, and a sturdy staff. Upon the palm of their right  hands, the Scions are tattooed with the symbol for their order, a blue eye within a sundisk. Three  monasteries serve the Scions, Retovar in the Good Hills (Hex G5-118), Iron Bough Hold in the  northern Lorridges (Hex E5-100), and at Sunsebb in the Flinty Hills (Hex R2-65).

The Divine Order of the Radiant Sun is firmly dedicated to the worship  of Pelor and the eradication of all undead. The priests of the Divine Order are scribes and savants. They record the motion of the sun across the sky. They endeavor to note the birth, life, and passing of each member of the laity and clergy. They catalog the dreams and visions sent by Pelor to his worshippers, and copiously inscribe the words and lives of the great saints and prophets. They are calligraphers and illuminators without parallel creating beautiful manuscripts and tomes. The members of the Divine Order often work with the priests of Lydia. The adherents of the Divine Order are also healers and physicians, knowledgeable in herbs and medicines. The Divine Order sees themselves as the guardians of life, and to that end they sponsor the martial Order of the Knights of the Sun. While the Divine Order has no prohibition against engaging in violence or battle, they typically leave this to the more than capable Sun-Knights. The raiment of the Divine Order is a simple saffron yellow robe. Priests of higher standing adorn their robes with embroidery of black silk and gold thread. The symbol of the Divine Order is a golden sundisk on a field of ebon. The Divine Order maintains abbeys, temples, and cloisters throughout the Kingdom of Nyrond, Almor, and the County and Duchy of Urns!. The seat of the Holy Patriarch is at Mazanar, outside the city of Oldred in Nyrond (Hex Z2-79).

The Golden Order of the Heavenly Torch is dedicated to opposing the forces of darkness, evil, and disease. They are fearless and zealous enemies of the followers of lncabulos, Nerull, and the sleeping god Tharzidun. The priests of the Golden Order are scientists and scholars. They intimately study the workings of the body, soul, and mind. They explore new ways of charting the heavens and the path of the Sun, and attempt to divine meaning from their courses. They experiment with natural and alchemical compounds, and attempt to ascertain the minute workings of fire, light, and life. They are shapers and doers, makers and dreamers. They are artists, musicians, and poets. Many members of the Golden Order learn the crafts of goldsmithing and glassblowing. The Golden Order has strong ties with the priesthoods of Fortubo, Delleb, and Lirr. Pious mages devoted to Pelor can be found among the members of this order. The Golden Order sponsors the martial Order of the Knights of the Temple of Light, the Lightbearers. The Golden Order is not forbidden to bear arms or engage in combat, but like the Divine Order, they have a fighting order sworn to serve them. The typical attire worn by members of the Golden Order is a short yellow robe, yellow pantaloons, sturdy shoes, and a yellow, brim-less felt cap. The ceremonial garb of the Golden Order consists of saffron yellow robes, which depending upon a priest 's status are embellished with embroidery of red silk and gold thread. The symbol of the Golden Order is a golden torch on a red field. The Golden  Order maintains abbeys, temples, and cloisters throughout Furyondy, Veluna, the Shield Lands, the Gran & Bissel Marches, Keoland, and the Ulek states. The see of the  Illuminated Holy Patriarch of the Golden Order is at Candleport on the Nyr Dyv (Hex G4-86).


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